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  1. how long does it usually take to get your flight physical back from Ft. Rucker? I have been waiting for three weeks should I be worried? Is there any way to call and find out the status?
  2. JJ, I am applying for the WOFT program in a Res unit in Texas. I went to the unit first and made some contacts and then went to the recruiters. Finding a recruiter that will work with you can be difficult. It may take a couple of tris with different ones. The best advice I have gotten so far is " Be polite, be persistent, and don't give up". The recruiters will probably try to talk you into enlisting then submitting a packet from with in because this is the easiest thing for them. Street to seat packets, from what I understand are rare and time consuming. Allot of recruiters don't like them or just plain don't know how to do one. It is a long drawn out process. I haven't heard of a hiring freeze. I hope that is not true because I have already spent allot of time on my packet. I have spent the last two drill weekends at the unit and no one has said anything like that to me. If anybody knows anything concrete I would like to hear it.
  3. O.K so I went for the flight phys. at Fort Sam Houston. The flight surgeon said they didn't find anything that would disqualify me but it still needs to be reviewed by Fort Rucker. I interviewed with a CW4 at the unit and he wrote me a letter for my packet. He is an aviator and an SIP. The X.O. said he would write me one if i need it. I'm not sure I do. I already have one from a Navy LCmdr who is a pilot and an Air Force Capt.. Would it be better from The X.O.? The recruiter is getting a little better. He is still not the superiorly motivated human being I would like him to be. I'm trying to get him to do my background check but he wants to wait for my phys. to come back from Rucker (in 2 weeks). anybody know the name of the form and how long it takes? is there any reason why i need to wait for the phys. to come back? Also the age waiver. who requests this? Should I write the memo? If so what does it need to say and is there any format I should follow? Thanks to everyone for all the help.
  4. Update; Meps went well (same ole same ole). I took the AFAST today and scored 113. Not great but passing. Last week My recruiter said he would set up the flight physical for me after the AFAST but when I called him today he said it was up to me to do that. I'm suppose to call Ft. Sam Houston to do this. I don't know who to call or even what exactly to ask for. Type one flight physical? help.
  5. Thank you all for the input. I finally found a recruiter that will work with me. I'm off to meps on monday and will try to keep my post up dated as things progress.
  6. Any info on the following will very helpful; I have spoken with the XO of my aviation local Res. unit and he believes I am a good candidate. I am trying to get together a WOFT packet. The recruiter that was recommended to me is not very motivated about the project. Getting answers from him is like pulling teeth, much less getting to schedule anything for me. So I need some advice please. My background, I am prior military (4yrs active navy and 3yrs army national guard). I have been out since sept. 2000 35yrs old. I have 62 college credits but no degree. Journeyman electrician 10yrs in trade. For the last 3yrs I have been doing some flight training. Fixed wing PPL 120hrs, commercial ins. rotorcraft 220hrs(out of $) Several people have told me that I am still competitive for WOFT. Is this true? Any advice anyone could give me will be appreciated.
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