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  1. I purchased a 12B/C last June, after a lot of research. I trained in a 269C and flew a F28C Enstrom and an R22. I think a Hiller is a great machine, only 4 life limited parts, it's tough and reliable. Parts do not seem to be an issue. I am thinking of up grading to a 12E4. You can get a new/refurbished one from Hiller 0 tome for $125,000 or a refurbished one from United Helicopters for about the same, just not 0 time. They fly great and are a true bargin.
  2. RD thanks for response, I,m looking at an Enstrom Saturday the 6th, and a Hiller next week. I'm pretty sure I will end up with Hiller. The Alaska helicopter pilots I asked and a couple down south say hiller is the way to go at least the A model anyway.
  3. Hello, I'm in the market for a personal helicopter, looking at Enstrom F28A and a Hiller 12B/C is there a clear advantage of one over the other. Thanks
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