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  1. I for one love the magazine! The print is top notch as are all the pictures. When I get mine I read it cover to cover! I always say outloud "YES!" when I open the mailbox and see the new issue. Keep up the good work.
  2. Midwest is a part of Fostaire helicopters. Chris Bailey and his wife bought it from Clarke. They have access to an Ec that is hangared out at KSUS.
  3. Try Midwest Helicopters @ KCPS STL Downtown airport.
  4. This was a high time pilot who flew better than anyone I'd ever been with before or since. This maneuver may not be shown anymore, but this instructor was shown this by T-Dog himself. It made me realize that your first instinct to put it left cyclic was not the answer, but aft cyclic to reload. Maybe this is not done due to liability reasons, but I know I'm a better pilot for having been shown what to do just in case.....
  5. The low g was the real deal....initiated climb with a push over. We went through it three times so I know what NOT to do, and also how to recover. AFT cyclic first!!
  6. Bring paper and pens with you! You will be given a ton of info, especially on the maintenance side of things that you were probably never shown in your training.
  7. I was there November of 2007. Instructors name was Brian I do believe. First he scared me half to death, then showed me how to recover. Very intense.
  8. Low g recovery ending with a full down to Long Beach container yard was a blast! Enjoy every minute of it. Your instructor will handle the radio calls for you.
  9. Sure looks like the engine needle won the battle but came away a bit bent!
  10. Air methods BK makes a sweet rolling thunder as they pass directly over my house on approach to the hospital! Lots of neighbors and I run out to watch whenever possible.
  11. After a long time researching schools, I decided on NE Helos. I'm a SSH refugee that came away with my Private, so I was very careful in my decision of where to finish. I will be heading there in Sept just after I get my daughter off to law school. The folks up there are genuine and have the students' best interest at heart. I can't wait. Maybe I'll see you there!
  12. Expect to have an intense flying experience with one of the instructors!! Low G recovery, zero speed autos, and touch down autos to grass. It is a blast!
  13. Cyclic & collective is very informative and easy to read. It helps that it is written by a pilot and there is some humor sprinkled throughout. Currently reading it myself!
  14. Hey Trans Lift I'm happy to read your post about NE Helos. I'm planning a visit with them in Sept. I do look forward to meeting everyone and hope it works out that I can finish my training there.
  15. Better safe than sorry. If something is loose, what caused the fastener to loosen? Hidden problems may be the culprit.
  16. A good place to start would be to get in touch with Bill Hopper at Helisat. Bill put on great seminars here in the STL area. I'm sure he could help out a bunch.
  17. I've been looking at Northeast helicopters as a potential school and would like to hear any pros/cons. Thanks in advance for the replies.
  18. Try D&D Aviation in Cahokia at KCPS. Also look up Bill Hopper at Helisat.
  19. Since you're around STL, call D&D Aviation at CPS(downtown airport). Or try Bill Hopper out at Helisat. Either one is a great choice.
  20. Granted the way RHC has handled this is wrong, but it would still be a valuable experience to attend the course. Great info and excellent time to network!
  21. I didn't realize I was going to start such an uproar! My intent of the post was to hear from grads who did get jobs at Bristow AND the folks who didn't. I'm going to research a hell of a lot better this go-around than when I signed up at Silver State. It seems that some folks either love or hate big schools. I definately don't want to be "just another student" to train to CFII level, not get the immediate job offer and go away to diparage the company that trained them. People forget that you are on a constant "interview" while you are training. Let's face it, who would want to hire a pessimist. A bright outlook and positive attitude carries you over life's hurdles. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to respond. I value the insight more than you know. B.
  22. OTR driving is definately not a way to make real money. I grew up around trucks--my father just retired about 5 years ago and not a whole lot to show for it $$ wise, many a missed family function, and back problems from all that sitting around and bouncing in a truck. I also owned a truck myself and let me tell you-not much fun! The fancy pamphlets that advertise "see the country and get paid for it" paint a rosy picture, but in reality trucking sucks. You'll see what I mean if you were to spend 10 minutes at your nearest truckstop. Buy 100 gallons of fuel and you get a free roadkill steak suprise and get to "shower" in world class facilities that are known disease factories. You really need to investigate your choices before going into trucking. The only guys making money are the owner/operators that live in their trucks and drive 175000 miles a year. Entry level you might make $40k. Sure as he@# isn't worth the six day a week schedule. Any other ??s give me a pm. Good luck and fly safe.
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