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  1. Some good time building rates here: www.702helicopters.com and an excuse to spend some time in Vegas
  2. If anyone is interested in doing some flying [R22/R44] while here for the seminar, PM me. We've got pretty good rates. Fly to Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, or Red Rock.. Even fly your own Strip tour at night
  3. Yes, ERAU does have a helicopter program (and ABA - or may I suggest ABA with a helicopter minor), at the Prescott Campus. Prescott AZ is very high up >5000 feet; you will not lack all the desirable training others have said they have in place of a degree. And flight schools are empty because students are unable to get the big loans they need, well at ERAU it's part of your degree program [but not in the ABA degree] so there are real student loans available, not the higher than a credit card interest rate-start paying right away-kind of loans.
  4. At my work we recommend $20 a person... who are you flying with ??
  5. hmm...airworks was my first thought when i saw the episode
  6. buying a table is cheaper i think...but that would be hard for you guys to organize. I do recommend going if you can, nice to see these people getting recognized for their hard work.
  7. I think the tickets are like $90 - $100 a person unless you can find someone to give you one of their extras
  8. Im sure this may have been asked before... On turbine aircraft....say a 206....does the hobbs meter count like the r44 or at engine start like the r22...? gracias
  9. A haiku posted on vertical magazine's fb page by Zaron Welch With Vertical Mag Vicariously I live Through pilots with jobs
  10. sorry to not update sooner but I have been soOo busy lately, and I probably won't make it out Sat night. But, I can make a suggestion: Kahunaville, just a block or two away at mirage. no dress to impress kinda dress code, great drinks and music.
  11. roll call who's gonna be here next week?....perhaps we could all get together for a drink sat night?
  12. hey hey... at least someone did HER homework....
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