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  1. I have an interview set up with ERA in 2 weeks. Can anyone out there who is maybe working for ERA tell me about a written test I need to take? All I know is that its 25 questions. I don't want to be that ONE guy who fails it and is kicked out! Thanks much yal!!
  2. can anyone tell me about ERA? Are they union also? Do they require a contract?
  3. Thanks for the info guys! What about RLC? And also,was the training hard? I have NO idea what to expect!! Everyone tells me its hard working with the customers. That they try to push you into doing things not safe. Is that true? I think RLC and Air Log don't make you sighn a contract. But how is the training? I mean, if Im not comfortable with something, are they gonna can me over it? Mickey77
  4. Ok yall...I want to fly offshore, but which company should I go for? Are they all the same? Or maybe...is there any I should stay away from? I know NOTHING about the offshore flying. What's involved, if its any fun? Thanks much for any info!! Mickey
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