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  1. Anyone know where I can get a couple more Intl Brotherhood Helicopter Hoodies? I have one that I bought a couple of years ago and my wife forces me to wash it because I won't take it off. Everything else is in the shop except the hoodies. Thanks in advance! Kyle
  2. Just as a suggestion, If FM two-way isn't the way to go and you are looking for more clarity, you may consider microwave down-link depending on whether the station has any receive sites. It's a given for TV but possibly a setup for audio only would also work. I know that the the ENG bird I have been flying 15 years has always gone with microwave for audio clarity as well as stable picture. For receiving, any type of FM radio or even a dedicate IFB receiver to get cues from the producer. I don't know about over there but here in San Diego BMS and NS and Troll are the main providers. Best of luck Kyle
  3. I started flying ENG in 92 after a lift contract abruptly ended when a hurricane destroyed the project. That was almost 15 years ago and I'm still at it. A friend had told me that the local station was looking for a pilot so I hunted it down. Pretty much the right time in the right place. Pay is good, hours okay and plenty of time to do my own thing.. www.thegiftofgroove.com I have come close to jumping ship for other jobs but never quite do it. Great bunch of folks to work for, home every night and, well, San Diego. I don't think all contracts are similar. When I started it was a matter of proving my worth over the last guy but time panned that all out and it's been good. Definitely times of boredom but I have yet to hear about a job in this industry that isn't. One thing that did help was that I had a background in electronics, RF, Computers etc. On many occasions I find myself in engineering trying to work out bugs in the equipment. It helps to have an idea as to what makes it work. Another trait to have is loads of tenacity. best of luck, Kyle
  4. Howdy, As far as advice, one thing that has helped (for me anyway) in working in ENG is having a solid knowledge in electronics. It seems like more often then not I am working with the engineers on some new addition of equipment into the bird. And being able to at least talk the lingo has helped over the years. And man, do they love to talk lingo! I supposed it may have helped that from day one I was always flying aerial stills or video for someone around town. From what I can tell, there always seems to be opportunities to get in doing ENG when one has about 1000 hrs. In fact, ENG work always seems to be looked upon as an entry level position to other jobs such as EMS, lift, etc. I just happened to stay with it so long because it has paid real well due to my circumstances and because it has me home every night with the family. Most ENG positions from what I have seen, require doing the split shift deal. i.e. fly the morning shows, home to sleep or whatever then back for the evening shows. I did that for two years and hope to never do it again. My hours now are 10:30-7:00, 4 days a week then call on weekends. Fortunately I am hardly ever called in on weekends and occasionally called in earlier then normal on some breaking news if I can't track down another guy to go in. But all in all, they have been great. Lets see, I have actually worked for Civic twice. The first time was in 89 when I was hired because I was the only one around with a CFII. It worked for Civic because they had a new IFR ship and it worked for me cause I wanted out of Orange County. It was two years prior that I went to work for another contractor flying Sky10 before Chin ended up with the contract. That's the second time and it's been going along ever since. In between was some GOM time and other assorted things. Hard to believe but that really is the abbreviated version. Come on by the station when you're in town and I'll fill you in on the rest. Now for some emoticons: :nuncha: :cheers:
  5. LOL! That's right Neville, We're out knocking down beers everynight to the tune of old times! Actually, I haven't had a drinking buddy in 26 years(my kids won't let me) and I wouldn't know Brian Fenessy if he came up and kicked me in the ankle, other then we exchange brief communications on the radio about once a month. As far as 10 not covering the story about the helo, the worst thing that could have happened was that I mentioned anything about it at all since I am the last person they ever listen to when it comes to news stories. We're the only station in town who uses Copter one in their promos instead of Sky10. Ya, you know that I'm loving that one. I'm home every night and the Chin Dynasty treats me well. Other then that, I'll leave the part about traveling the world and making drinking buddies for you. Don't you know by now that if the story isn't in the morning's paper, the local news agencies arn't interested in it? Time to start learning some of the politics, Neville. Just when you're thinking that their is some conspiracy at the station, it turns out that it is nothing more then a producer who is only reporting material if the other guys are. No secret.... Just filling the spaces between commercials. It's rare to see a news agency who is still interested in "getting the scoop" :throw computer:
  6. :cheers: Been flying ENG for over 12 years in San Diego. Perhaps a tad longer then one would want to do ENG but it's been very prosperous for me. Although I don't have allot of experience in other sectors of the industry I would be happy to answer questions about the ENG life if needed. Kyle :space ship:
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