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  1. Heli-Hoyle Aviation Products is pleased to announce that VMR Aviation of Oliver, BC is the first Canadian company to purchase a Ground-Effect Spreader. Olivier Combret, Owner, has purchased a GE750-13E. This spreader/seeder has a Honda 13HP motor and a capacity of 750Litres. Congratulation Olivier and thank you for your trust in Heli-Hoyle/IMS Products. Please note: Spreaders can also come with Briggs & Stratton Motor.
  2. Heli-Hoyle Aviation Products is please to announce: Canada has its first CloudBurst… Grason Aviation of Edmonton, Alberta has choosen CloudBurst over all others. Congratulations Christopher, you are the first Canadian company to ride the new wave of change… Check it out http://www.heli-hoyle.com
  3. Heli-Hoyle Aviation Products is please to announce that a CloudBurst Fire Fighting Water Bucket is on its way to California. AeroWest Helicopters has agreed to demonstrate a CB1000-FLS and a Pneuflow air compressor. The CB1000 has a US Gallon capacity of 264. Discharge rate is 52Gallon per second. The CB1000 has a Foam Bladder with the capacity of 12 Gallons. AeroWest Helicopters is sending the CloudBurst Bucket to work the fires at Kernville California. Good luck to Don Ambabo and his Crew and be safe. CloudBurst info can be obtained from: Heli-Hoyle Aviation Products www.heli-hoyle.com ghoyle@heli-hoyle.com
  4. CloudBurst Fire Bucket has received US Forest Service Approval in Alaska with Pollux Aviation. We have been informed by Pollux Aviation that the US Forest Service, in Alaska, has accepted CloudBurst Fire Bucket to use while flying under contract to them. CloudBurst offers a wide range of sizes from 34US Gals (29 Imp) to 1316US Gals (1100 Imp). We have also introduced the Ground-Effect Spreader. Great for : Seed, Fertilizer, Rodent Bait, Hydro Seeding & Mosquito control. Ground-Effect is offered in a range of 53 US Gal (44 Imp) - 396US Gal (330 Imp) Collapsible Ground-Effect is also available and is being used by Southern Helicopter Service in Millington Tennessee. Included in the product Introductions is our Pnueflow Air Compressor. Pnueflow can be attached to the Skid, Floor or the Belly Hook/Long Line. Contact: Gordon Hoyle Heli-Hoyle Aviation Products www.heli-hoyle.com ghoyle@heli-hoyle.com
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