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  1. They also know that prior military pilots will have those qualifications. Prior military pilots, including many who have already been flying Blackhawks equaling less training costs once brought on.
  2. "Sweat" tea..............GROSS! I think you meant sweet tea, haha
  3. When does your employer allow you to log PIC time? I am not asking for your personal opinion on what you THINK you should be allowed to log. I want to know if your employer monitors what you are logging and if so, what do they allow you to log as PIC time? Is it: - Blades are turning - Whatever the hobbs say - Some other method Thanks for any participation
  4. I don't see any reference to what you're saying. See tours and R44 gigs, that is all. Nothing about GOM being entry level anywhere in sight.
  5. Well, then now you are overqualified! You waited too long. Haha
  6. My point behind the 0.2 was that I was barely over the minimum, thanks for the input though. Very valuable.
  7. takefootoff, if you go on your job hunt thinking that is the case, then it will become true for you. I know there are a few who will say I'm full of crap, but you are in more control than you realize when it comes time to break into the turbine world. Even at a lowly 1k hours. I know this because I did it not long ago, and I have seen many others right behind me do the same thing. The magic component that they all had was not being close to 2k hours instead of 1k hours. It was that they had the right attitude and were convinced that they had earned a spot at the next level. Any operator
  8. Also, I will add this disclaimer: Almost every one of us would gladly accept a 30 minute checkride and be on our merry way with our brand new certificate. I think we just want the OP to know that it is not right, and may mean that you are not as qualified as you think you are. Think long and hard about that statement. What if your next checkride is with a DPE who is a true professional and expects the level of knowledge and skill to be at the standard that is "normal"? You may prepare yourself for that next checkride with this last one in mind. That is when it will become clear whet
  9. Pohi hit the nail on the head. There are 2 extremes to check rides. 6 hours for a private? Ridiculous, in that it should not be that in depth at that level. 30 minutes for a private? Also ridiculous, in that there is no possible way to ascertain one's knowledge base on all required PTS topics in that amount of time. 30 minutes should probably have been spent on weather alone. That DPE needs to be seriously looked at. There is a very real danger of unqualified pilots out there because of this type of lax examination.
  10. I would first like to know what checkride you went to that was only 20 minutes of ground?
  11. Awesome Fred! Way to go out there and get it. Yet another story proving that they are out there, but they will not come to you. You have to make the effort. Congratulations!
  12. Butters said: "If I hadn't always seen such long lines to talk to Papillon, and PHI, then perhaps I would believe that it was more than just luck that gets people in?" So maybe it isn't only your lousy attitude that isn't getting you hired. Maybe it's what you said right here? You see a long line and say, "I have no chance". You talked yourself out of getting that job, nobody had to do anything to derail your career. You defeated yourself.
  13. Don't you find it odd that you are the only one who seems to have a problem with this idea? Don't you also find it odd that you have, the worst attitude? You say you have been hearing this for 10 years, and for those same 10 years you have been bashing the industry for being unfair, or whatever it is you think is keeping you from being a happily employed helicopter pilot. Do you think that's a coincidence? Do you think it's a coincidence that those of us who seem to have positive attitudes towards it are finding work?
  14. I wasn't there, and I don't know the guy but I believe what you're saying. Unfortunately, there is still the human factor that fits into the equation as well. In the end, once any of us score some face time, there is still a person who has to "like you" in order for an introductory meeting to turn into something else. Who knows the reason that the guy never made it any further....besides the person he spoke to who must have decided that he didn't merit further contact. I should also mention that I met with 6 operators on the same trip that landed me the interview. The one who hired me wa
  15. Butters, I do think I am good at selling my qualities. However, don't look at it so narrow-mindedly. The qualities I'm selling are real. It wouldn't be such a good thing if I "fooled them" into believing I would be good for them, only for them to find out soon after that I'm a dirtbag. The point behind my post was that if you have the right attitude, you should present that to them and prove to them that you will be good for their business. Nothing wrong with that at all.
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