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  1. Hi, I'll be 44 this Dec, am finishing up my CFI-I in 10 days, and looking for that entry into the market. You can do it if you want.
  2. I agree. I did only a couple of weekends with boatpix, back when Tom would give you a camera and you would earn time in the heli by doing 8 hours of boat photos from a jetty or dock (my now-Wife and I would take a lunch and spend the day at the jetty, I would shoot and she would sun and watch the fishermen). That truly was a deal because if you stuck it out and did your time, you got flight time for "Free" I don't know anyone else at the time who offered that. Tom now just has the straight offer of time at a discounted cost, but there is nothing hidden there. Good ships and if available I would recommend it. If you are nearby to one of the locations and need time, go for it.
  3. Hello, I've been flying with C9 at F45 for over a year, am about to add my CFI-I. I've not flown at PBH for training, but have flown with Lyn and Shawn in the R-44 and Shawn is an excellent CFI-I and recently became chief pilot at PBH. (I was the first timebuilder flyer to gainsville and back, AWESOME experience, if any think about going, do it, you will not come away dissatisfied!) To the original poster, if you are near LNA, do go to PBH, they are close, but if you wish to research all schools in the area, you have C9 and Ocean at F45. BTW, I believe F45 is a terrific place to fly out of (Realize I don't just say this to urge you to go, I drive up there and back about 100 mi round trip each time). Although uncontrolled, you have an ILS, GPS and VOR approach to the field, so you may not have to go elsewhere. (LNA may have the same, I haven't checked). One thing for certain, as of late, LNA noise complaints have risen for heli use, something the operators at F45 do not have to contend with due to its semi-remote location. (just giving facts, this isn't degrading any schools instructional capabilities). As with any choice of where to fly, I'd say go to all schools and meet with instructors and active students to see whom would make a good match for ya. Then decide if the distance driven will be worth it to you.
  4. Hi Admin, cannot post resume, takes me to page telling me I have to be a member, and tells me that my logon on the forum will work, unfortunatly, that is not the case. I can logon to the forum, however not to the site itself. Thanks, Marc RW-1
  5. I could agree with night IFR, however night VFR ... ok in my book. I think the real question is more of proficiency wouldn't you? My favorite saying is "Current doesn't mean proficient." If the single pilot who is doing night VFR or single plot IFR all the time, and is proficient, not just current, then that alone reduces much of the risk involved. I add the proficiency bit because it's been shown that just having another pilot may not always save the day, two lost pilots can be just as bad as one depending upon the situation. JMHO
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