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  1. Yes I haven't heard any good comments on the mini 500 other than the way it looks! I have been looking at home builds quite a bit and have found that the 'Helicycle' looks quality. Here is a link to see some pics. It is powered by a gas turbine, Tons of power. www.helicycle.com/news/FHF.htm :cheers:
  2. Just wondering if there are any pilots bout there who could give me some advise on getting into ther film and TV flying industry. I am from the UK and have been working as a camera op for the passed 4 years, fiming events like the Brit awards, international rugby and PSC news gathering, Big Brother and promos. I also know lots about the technical side of television including editing etc. I am starting at Helicopter adventures in september to undertake my FAA/JAA professional pilot course. I understand that I need to pass that first and gain some decent flying hours before looking at my long distance plans. I would just love to hear from any of you pilots who have any good tips for me. Cheers
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