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  1. Just updated resume, still looking for any rotor and/or fixed wing ferry and contract jobs. Thanks!
  2. My name is Clint Berry and I am available for contract and/or ferry work. I currently fly EMS, and with the 7/7 schedule I have time to do multi day trips. Flight Experience: ATP MEL airplane, CSEL, Commercial helicopter, Instrument helicopter, CFI-I helicopter. 2600 Total time 2000 Helicopter 1600 Turbine 900 Cross country 570 Night 175 NVG Email clintberry@hotmail.com for resume, references, and contact information.
  3. I fly EMS full time, but am available for ferry jobs on the side. I do the normal 7/7 schedule, so on the off weeks I can pick up ferry work. Have time in AS350, B206, B206L, R44, R22. Also CFII, ASEL, AMEL, Instrument Airplane.
  4. I am fairly certain that the "unannounced" program you were talking about is the same place I went to. I have nothing but good things to say about the place and their owners. They do exactly what they tell you they will do, even getting you into that turbine gig. I can give you several names of student who went through before, during, and slightly after me who are now flying in different stages of the turbine world, from tours up thru EMS. PM if you want more info. The school Im talking about is located in the SE USA
  5. Matt- I'm in Nashville now, flying for Metro PD. where are you living now?
  6. Hey Matt good to see you back! Id say you are smart for having no debt. I would check out the school I was telling you about last time we talked. I know they are still employing their full time guys as CFI's upon completion. Just talked to their newest CFI, he started training April. I am guessing the program cost is still 50-60K.
  7. Nashville PD hires civilian pilots. The requirements are 1000hrs TT with 500 turbine, and experience preferred in MD500 or OH-58. I am one of their civilian pilots, and work alongside the sworn guys just fine. I was worried there would be a "barrier" between the two groups, but havent experienced one so far.
  8. Im all for at least "showing" students full downs from very early on in their training. Alot of new students are apprehensive to say the least about what happens when the engine decides to go on lunch break. Most of them think you just fall outta the sky and thats it..So I think showing them within the first few hours will help to show them that there is a way to get on the ground safely in the event of an engine failure. I didnt do any touchdown autos till about a week before my CFI ride, but I wish I could've done more. When I went to the Bell factory school, thats pretty much all you do, and it makes you feel alot better about handling an engine out situation. I agree, there could or would be more damaged aircraft out there by doing touchdowns, but I dont think it would be a drastic increase in them, again, look at Bell academy.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys, great insight here into both fields! Keep it coming!
  10. To the guys that are or have went from GOM to EMS or vise versa, what are the pros and cons of each, and which do you think is the better job?? Just wanting to see what the guys who have done both think about it....
  11. I have an interview as a civilian pilot for the local metro police department. Just looking for any tips, pointers, ot advice on what to prepare for in regard to the oral interview portion, which I'm sure is maybe the "why do you want to work here" type stuff..also any heads up on any certain flying "styles" I guess you could say. I have heard through the grapevine that the flying part on the interview will be more like a checkride than actual police type flying, but I'd like to be well prepared all around.
  12. So can night be combined hrs as well as the inst time? I am dual rated as well, but most of my inst time is FW, only about 25hrs is RW, and about half and half on the night hours.
  13. I am Getting ready to submit my resume to a few places, and had a few questions. The first thing is, these are helicopter jobs, but I am dual rated. So, would I list FW and RW combined under the total time, night time, and instrument times? Or would you break them down individually for each one? I have always been told to keep the resume to one page, and it seems like if I make categories for each, in both RW and FW, it'll be two pages. I also thought about combining them simply because I've heard some places will count night and instrument time combined, what do you guys know about that? Any advice is appreciated!
  14. How common are dual rated jobs out there? And how is the best way to go about building time in say the FW when your primarily flying RW? Which one would you rather fly, or say which offers the best in the long run? I am dual rated, but have more time in RW than FW, but sometimes wonder which would be best.
  15. Are layoffs very common in the GOM? Or mainly dependent upon which company your with?
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