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  1. I was not selected by the active duty board however I am prior service and am trying to get into a warrant slot via the National Guard. There is nothing guaranteed by passing a flight physical. It simply means you are qualified for flying duty as far as the flight surgeon is concerned. The rest is up to you.
  2. Are you referring to civilians who wish to enter the Army? If so than you are incorrect. I had LASIK in 2008 and passed the Class1A flight physical in 2009.
  3. I was told 6 months wait to reapply today. I am going to try the Guard route though. Not implying it's easier, but for me it may be a better chance.
  4. Well I got my answer, NO for the 2nd time. Good luck to everyone else.
  5. I dont think this is applicable to civilian applicants, I input my social and nothing happens.
  6. I was initially told the same thing last month after not being selected however, today I called to check the status of the board and was told that the USAREC board is going to be held on the 18th...
  7. I have 2 unrelated and reliable sources now confirming there were no aviators selected by the civilian USAREC woft board for February. It's still just their word but I believe it. Is there a list of results published somewhere on AKO or the Army times? I realize the active duty board results are but not sure if the civilian ones are or not.
  8. You have to wait for your recruiter. I just got the call that I was not selected... Not sure if it's true or not but I heard that no aviators were selected yesterday. Oh well, maybe next month. March 15th I believe.
  9. Congratulations. I have been working on this for years. I went before the board in July and was recommended so now my packet (I'm told) will be going before the USAREC board the first week of December. If I get selected I will ask just one question. Where do I sign? I'm all for getting some kind of incentive but come on! You going to get some of the best training in the world and get paid to do it. That is incentive enough for me.
  10. I just can't subject myself to that kind of abuse. Content completely distracts me from the cinematography.
  11. I see the word Nigeria, I don't look any further. SCAM
  12. I'm not an AG pilot but I'm with you on this one. I don't trust frictions and locks when the price of failure is so high. All so you can "play with the hose"?
  13. FYI took my flight physical at Fort Lewis on the 23rd of April and on May 7th got it back "Qualified" from Fort Rucker. This after the flight surgeon said up to 4-6 weeks on average.
  14. Most of the time 45- 60min is used, if you do the math, the dead time required for refueling negates any benefit of carrying less fuel. Of course the distance to the service landing is also a factor.
  15. Terre, if that IS really what you want, just continue to make it known to your recruiter. Patience is a virture but persistence gets results. Keep hounding your recruiter, talk to your station commander, let them know how serious you are. Show them your passion, beyond the typical " It's always been my dream to fly" that everyone says. Prepare for everything! I can say from my previous time in the Army, if there is one thing that helped me more than anything, it was physical preparedness. Running, running and more running. The better shape you're in the easier WOCS and Army Life in general will be, not to mention the lbs. will literally begin to drop, and I mean fast. This physical philosophy will boost your mental state tremendously. It will also show your recruiter that you are serious. Keep at it!
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