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  1. Aris Is looking for a long line pilot with a min. of 3000 hrs. That is unless they filled it. Call and ask for Kelly Liken on monday morning and good luck.
  2. This hard nose attitude towards students is unprofessional to say the least. Students need postive reinforcement.This yelling, cursing, or not giving your student feedback should not be tolerated. People with attitudes like this will not make it in the industry, at least not working for reputable companies. I agree with kodoz lose him immediately.
  3. It took me a few years to make it in my prior career. Then i had to retire early. So as hard as it is, try to be patient. I probably make some employers laugh and probably irritate others. One thing I can say is I mail resumes and hand deliver them to operators that I am not even qualified to work for. I have had many positive replies but no job offers. But maybe one day they will need someone with my qualifications and give me a call. All I really want to convey is to keep trying, never give up and it will happen.
  4. I also agree to have it removed.
  5. I would have to do a thorough pre-flight on that tail rotor. Safety is #1.
  6. I have searched the forum with no success. Can anyone tell me the name of the tour company that hires pilots once they have completed the Bell factory course. I am almost positive it was posted before.
  7. Has anyone purchased the 300C lesson plan package from helicopterlessonplans.com ? Does it follow the CFI PTS ? Are you overall happy with the product ? Thanks in advance, rat.
  8. I have not seen anything about Air Logistics for some time. I would assume they are still flying in the GOM. When I looked on the bristow website the link to air log was gone. Just curious.
  9. Hey Goldy, I should be able to make Santa Monica. Can you tell me more about Larry ? I don"t know him.
  10. Unfortunately this was phillipe and the contract is done. This is a bummer because I was just about to do some time with him. Good luck in finding something.
  11. chuck and phillipe lost the contracts they had. the L.A. turbine time building is over.
  12. Curious if this will be a local move. Palm Springs International ?
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