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  1. Keep the Zulu's. When you are done with training and you have a job flying 6-8 hours a day you will be thankful for the Zulu's. Best purchase I ever made was my pair. I went from being utterly exhausted at the end of an 8 hour day, to full of energy and ready to fly another 8 hours. The light weight and quietness makes a huge difference.
  2. Dustin, As a moderator of this site I'd like to point out that up until this point we have done nothing to hamper you posting about Boatpix. We, the moderators have said nothing in support of or against Boatpix. Although they advertise here, that has nothing to do with a moderators job, which is to moderate. In the terms of this forum, we try to keep posts from turning into a mud slinging, name calling, flame war. To the credit of this forum, the moderators have very little to do. We have allowed this topic to take it's course, and possibly let it go to far. It has been slowly devolving since the beginning, but I won't censor the members opinions, including yours. Personally, I'm happy that you're happy with Helicopter Academy and Boatpix. I'm glad you were apparently able to get everything out of your training that was promised. The derogatory responses are because pilots are an opinionated bunch. We have lots of opinions, and we aren't afraid to share them. Most pilots don't care, or even want to know what you think about their opinions. Many pilots feel that Helicopter Academy and Boatpix are running a scam. They don't like the idea that somebody would pay for a job, rather than be paid for a job, since it devalues the services that they are providing. Flying a helicopter is a hard earned skill (monetarily, physically, and mentally), and many seasoned pilots find it insulting for somebody to suggest that their skill isn't worth being paid for. I am closing this topic since I can't see it heading anywhere other than downhill. Dustin, you are welcome to PM me with concerns.
  3. I ride a bit. Just picked up a '85 Goldwing yesterday as a fixer upper, and (eventually) a commuter. Started riding about 7 years ago on a '95 Ninja 500. Moved up to a SV650, and a GSXR 750. Never made it to a track day, but a lot of my wrenching time was consumed by getting my bike ready for the track.
  4. Going to add to my last post. Most serious emergency to date was an engine failure in a 300C. No damage to aircraft, and was able to fly it out later. I've had multiple chip lights, electrical failures, battery hot light in a 206, compressor stall in a 206 after a bleed valve replacement, and a bird strike. I've also hit dragon fly's as big as birds, but that's not really an emergency. Scares the hell out of me every time though.
  5. This is the unfortunate result of two helicopters attempting to mate. Normally, helicopters only mate in the wild. However if a female 500 is in heat and is kept in the hanger...well...the results are in the photo above. The male will do *anything* to reach the female, usually resulting in it's demise. Very sad. In fact I'd say it's negligence on the operators part. They should have known how dangerous is it to keep a female 500 in captivity while she's in heat.
  6. Lyn, Have you got any information about the STC for the solar/wind power adaptor kit? I heard that your max range is increased to almost 2000 feet with the kit installed.
  7. I don't know anything about that helicopter in particular, but all they did was put some vent tube on a window AC unit and shove the tubes in the windows. That's some great creative thinking if you ask me. Just have to be careful when inserting and removing the tubes so you don't break the windows.
  8. http://www.marpathelicopters.com/ Website works for me. Reading into what the front page says, they haven't resolved the issue.
  9. Thanks. Although it's a bit of a pain, it does work. Would still be nice if the developer allowed adding and editing of templates.
  10. I use iBal, but I've always been disappointed in the lack of the ability to add aircraft templates that aren't already listed in the program. You also can't edit existing templates if your aircraft doesn't conform to the default. For example, I have flown an early B model with a range extender. The helicopter originally had a 73 gallon tank, but with the extender it's a 96 gallon tank. The program only allows 91 gallons in the tank. Although it isn't a deal killer for the program, it's annoying to have to pull out pencil and paper every time I need more than 91 gallons. For the record, I've contacted the developer about this limitation. To boil their response down, they said it's too complicated to enter new aircraft that have continuously changing arms for a station, so they aren't going to allow users to enter new aircraft templates. I don't see why it's too complicated. Tedious maybe, but not complicated. It's all listed nicely in the flight manual.
  11. Air Logistics is now going by Bristow. They are still there, just not using the Air Log name any more. You should've heard the pilots during the first couple of weeks after the switch. Air Bristow, Airstow, etc...
  12. That's awesome. Good to see Jep also has a sense of humor.
  13. Nope. No way at all. I'm 5'8" and my back hurts after a couple of hours in a 206. Best thing you can do is buy a lumbar support, and some extra padding that you can put on the seat. I use one of these as a lumbar support. It also makes a great pillow for sleeping in the back of a 206.
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