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  1. Hey, I have about 70 hours in the 300C and may check out shortly in a CBI. Other than the CBI being right seat PIC and having less power, what tips could you guys offer? Anything I should be on the lookout for?
  2. Thats a great question. I'm almost in the same boat here and would really like to know myself.
  3. sent you a PM. As a 10+ year IT consultant and software company owner, I say go for it. Many people don't know the emotional price tag associated with high level IT. I would trade a 6 figured of IT income for 25k of aviation income any day of the week. Money is over rated, aviation is not. Anything worth obtaining has some level of sacrifice. In IT, you sacrifice your life for the money you want. In aviation, you sacrifice your money for a life you want. It's all about what you want to get in life, and what you're willing to sacrifice to get it.
  4. I dont know much about AG aviation and was wondering why someone might choose to use an AG helicopter over an AG fixed wing. I would think the helicoper would be better over difficult terrain, but other than that, I'm assuming it would cost much much more than the fixed wing? What types of applications are lending themselves more toward the heli?
  5. Thats a bit of a drive, but it's something that I might be interested in. I have no R22 time, and would like to instruct one day, so building the robi time woudl probably be a good thing. My goal is to finish the commercial and get CFI. I'm also trying to finish my Instrument Airplane. Money is a pretty big concern so I have this feeling it's going to take me quite some time to finish up.
  6. Perfect! I've been writing Kenny and will be calling to schedule some dual tomorrow. Cant wait to fly a new ship! Thanks for the help.
  7. Thanks Chuck. I agree, the guys at Goshen look like a great operation, it was just price that really made me think twice. I'm not sure I it was you or not, but I met a gentleman at the fuel pumps at Medina Ohio that flew an Enstrom and recommended Kenny as well. I had Kennys information, then lost it in my recent move. I'll email Kenny and see what they can do as far as price goes. How is the Enstrom they use compared to a 300c? Easy transition? I also have a few hours in a Bell 47. Would that be more like the Enstrom?
  8. I'm looking to finish up my commercial and was wondering if anyone could suggest a school near the South Bend Indiana area. I have about 70 hrs in a 300C and would love to continue flying that, but I'm sure that wont be available and would probably be pricy. The only place I know of is in Goshen, IN- they werent offering commercial training, and I cant afford their $ 435 / hr price for an Enstrom. Any ideas? I dont mind driving, but dont want to be in the car all day on the way to an airport either. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I've looked everywhere but have yet to find any helicopter related podcasts, and or helicopter related audio material that I could listen too while in the car or at the gym. There are several good aviation podcasts devoted to fixed wing pilots- I listen to these in the car and pick up some good tips and such but it would be much better if it was helicopter related. Any thoughts?
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