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  1. No I would say straight at your head. Not inline with the pillar.
  2. 1 vote from me for Frickin Stupid! I can't imagine being an instructor and not being able to see the guages and having the stupid blanket in the way. How is he supposed to see any traffic from the right side. If you had an emergency and needed to pull the blanket down and handle the emergency you would lose valuable time. I say more risk than benefit. Go fly Instrument training at night. That would have the same effect but the instructor would be in full control too without any obstacles in the way.
  3. Sounds good! What is your PayPal address for me to send the money. I just received a large amount of money from a guy in Nigeria that had to get rid of the money.
  4. Nevermind above. Someone just shared this with me which I think is great advice... This industries schools and their tales of deceit have a long history that reaches back much further than these two most recent events. The question for me isn't "what do they tell students to get them to "fill in the blank"." The answer to that is easy they are offering a bigger better drug of choice and telling them it's free. What the real question is, is how do we, the professionals in this field police our own? How do we help the aspiring students that want to fill our shoes? How do we effectively change th
  5. Can someone please explain to me what these schools are saying to students to justify how it will help there career to do all their training in a Turbine? How are you supposed to build time after you get done with flight school? Who are they saying will hire you after you get done with their flight schools. Are they giving you plans of how to progress in the industry or are they just saying, "here are the keys to a shiny new Turbine, Eat, Drink and be Merry for tomorrow we die"? Sucks that it had to happen to Veterans that have served our country. I am glad they are going after the schools t
  6. John, I would advice looking into Mountain Ridge Helicopters. They are associated with Utah State University and do GI bill and VA benefits. It is an awesome school. Great safety record, great employees and the best training environment you could ask for. When you are not training you will have incredible outdoor activities minutes from your house. Biking, Kayaking, snowboarding and tons of other activities up Logan Canyon and surrounding areas. I went to school there and I am now an EMS pilot. I credit my training I received there to the success I have now in my career. Hope that hel
  7. Last day to order our Astar shirt! Please share! http://teespring.com/lift2hover
  8. I will see what I can create! More to follow!
  9. I saw some Military versions so I wanted to create a couple Civilian Shirts. So here are some Christmas Helicopter shirts. http://teespring.com/lift2hoverme http://teespring.com/lift2hover If you have any suggestions or ideas for other helicopter shirts you would like to see let me know!
  10. I am available to Ferry aircraft if needed. I currently fly Grand Canyon tours from Vegas area. I am checked out in AS350 B2 & B3e(215hrs) and EC130 B4(589hrs). Also have SFAR endorsement and majority of flying in Robinson Aircraft, R22(828hrs) R44(239) Total time I am currently at 1,900+ hrs. I jump seats for free on major airlines, so most likely I can cover the transportation getting to and from aircraft needed to ferry. I work 7on, 7off so I have a couple weeks off every month. I send out this post because I think it would be fun to see some more areas of the country an
  11. Ya, I am aware of American flyers and the unlimited renewals but I would like to try something helicopter focused.
  12. Anyone used King Schools for the Helicopter FIRC (Flight Instructor Refresher Course)? If so how was it? Are the videos the old school cheesy? And was it worth the money. kingschools.com/hai-firc I would like to do a course that is focused more on helicopters than the general Online FIRCs. I see that King Schools just came out with a new one focused on Helicopters. Thanks! Brett
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