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  1. They make you get an EKG with your medical but no other regulatory restrictions. Of course employers may discriminate, but most of them wont. I have friends who are 68 and still flying commercially. I say go for it.
  2. "Found a blade one street over" Anyone ever hear of an R-44 loosing a blade in flight? I suppose it could happen but i've never heard of it. I find it hard to believe that 2 FAA guys would have that much trouble with a routine auto, unless it happened righ there on takeoff, which is possible, considering where it landed, guess we'll have to wait and see.
  3. try to fly at least 3 days a week it will keep things fresh in your mind, I dont know about every day, I think that would be too much. Id say fly 3-5 days a week. While it is not neccessary to have a CFI you will most likely not get a job withoutone unless you ahve connections, considering by the time you get your commercial/ instrument it will only take another 15-20 hours to get your CFI I would go ahead and get it. Thats what I had to do to get a job.
  4. In exclusively helicopters? I have a few friends in the 25,000 total time range but most are mixed helicopter and airplanes.
  5. What I hear is a Cal Fire 205 cut four 115kv Phase conductors with its cutters. Lucky guy... or gal... Fly safe guys.
  6. http://hollisterfreelance.com/news/258843-...r-hitting-lines anyone know anything about this?
  7. If you want to saw look into Aerial Solutions. Haverfield does not do any aerial saw that I know of.
  8. Have you considered a Raven I, much cheaper than a RavenII and from most standpoints, just as good.
  9. Absolutely Mike, I agree 100%. Flying cross country below the MEF at night is just pain suicide, they would have had better odds in IMC even without propper instrumentation. They should have stayed on the ground.
  10. foreflight moble 69$ always up to date sectionals, en route charters, including international AFD weather realtime provided by NOAA and weather underground basically every map available on those sites, always up to date TERPs, approach plates, winds aloft, flight plans, everything you could ever ask for. key in your airport code and it goves you not only the METAR for your airport but all surrounding airports. need a Taf but not at a towered airport, it gives you all the TAF's around and heading and distance from your loacation. N#lookup, moving radar maps. pireps, sigments everything. well
  11. I agree with the previous comments regarding the 407. Tons of power and alot more room than a 206. I also agree howver the Astar has better visability. Like others said, the B3 would be a huge waste of money, both initial and hourly expense inless you plan on going way up there, on a regular basis.
  12. Good info but... NTSB statisitcs complied this year by the NTSB for a client of mine said 58% fatal, very close to your 50/50 statistic. Both NTSB, My reasearch for a client of mine, Robinson (as stated in the safety course), and UAS, who teaches the flying inthe wire enviroment couse cite Wirestrikes as the #1 cause fatal accidents in helicopters. Either your search included airplanes, or you did not querey the datapase correctly, I read every accident on the NTSB database from 1992-january of this year fir my study. the problem is invistigators will call them powere lines, wires, transmissi
  13. Tell me they weren't following the lights from I-70 home at 70 feet AGL, in fog, at night with 3 CFI's on board.
  14. More times than not the helicopter ends up like this. This is the R-22 wirestrike from last month. The line it hit was only about 3/8 inch in diamater yeah, that has happened where helicopters ended up suspended in the wire, rare but its happened. Problem is, it takes more than one wire to "catch" the helicopter and if your helicopter touches more than one energized wire it arcs phase to phase and its the same as being grounded. you are almost better of dieing in a crash. Besides, the one I know of that stayed in the wires both pilots broke thir necks. Dont underestimate the deadlyness o
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