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  1. I'm from Salado. I looked at Brazos, but I've read/heard a lot about their safety being very, very poor (falling from the sky). I heard that Longhorn was to put a school in Waco, but that deal fell through. There's no school in Austin, Georgetown, Killeen, Temple or Waco. I wish someone like Summit, Sky or Longhorn would open a school somewhere around here. I know many people who want to get their license, but don't want to drive 2+hrs to go train.
  2. Thank you so much for the replies. I'm looking at going to Summit in Addison. I wish someone would open a "good" flight school here in the Central Texas area, that way I wouldn't have to drive so far.
  3. I posted my first post in the training forum...but it still hasn't shown up...anyone know why (hopefully this message will show up )
  4. First off, great website! I'm off course wanting to become a helicopter pilot. I'm looking to gain hours through tours rather than CFI. Would it be better for me to do all of my flight training in the R44? Thank you for your time.
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