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  1. As far as the Bay Area goes, there are no other "closest" options to SF or Oakland...... BTW, Hayward is close to Oakland so you'd need to clarify what your boss means when she says "too far".......
  2. You say you’ve “wanted to fly your whole life.” Understand; one joins the military to be a solider and then they let you fly. Same holds true for LE, ala, one joins a PD to become a Police Officer and somewhere down the road, they let you fly…… Both career paths require a monumental amount of commitment with no guarantees. Specifically, if your reasons to join the military or a PD is “free” flight training, you better think again….
  3. Help yourself to any of the advertisements surrounding this thread and you'll find pricing... That, or simply google "R22 flight instruction in the US".......
  4. Hello,

    You provided useful information on my post "Experience Hour Gap"  I would like to touch base with you privately to run a plan of mine by you and obtain your feedback.  Would you be open to an offline discussion?  It would greatly help with my progress in this industry.



    1. psmarvalous


      Hello Spike, 

      Checking in to see if you would consider a side chat, whichever medium you're comfortable with?  I would like to get your point of view on overall challenges and possible solutions for pilots to get the right training they need.  Would Skype, FB, or any other online chat tool work for you?



    2. Spike


      Hi Rudy,

      I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. If you're still interested, ask any questions you'd like and I'll do my best to answer them. However, I do work and have a life so please allow me the flexibility to get back to you when I can and, this site is fine with me for the medium....


  5. Easy..... Plan on spending about $100.000.....
  6. Go to the Helicopter Association Internationals HeliExpo and attend the "Military to Civilian Transition" course. IMHO, it's a good course well worth the time and effort.
  7. One detent. There is no clockwise/counterclockwise. It’s on or off. Like Eric said, it’s not the 206 so that procedure doesn’t apply. And, it’s not called a “jet” engine. It’s a turbine engine. I suggest you read the flight manual in its entirety before you jump in…. With that, I have no interest in why or what you’re doing. However, time with an instructor is the most appropriate way of going about it. Basically, it sounds like you should rethink your situation and stay within your lane ala; just because you can, doesn't mean you should.....
  8. The Boing article stats start in 2019. That means pre-COVID. The airline business tanked this year furloughing hundreds, if not thousands of pilots and, a lot of them were experienced helo pilots who made the jump to the airlines pre-2020. Guess what, those experienced guys just went back to the helo business taking back jobs from the lesser experienced pool that remained. Hence, why you haven’t seen total time requirements decline. So in 2020, you had greater numbers of available experienced pilots in a shrinking industry. No shortage. The SUU article comes from a flight school. They sel
  9. Your wording is a little confusing to me and to be clear, what I describe will be for a UH-1H…. The throttle is set just below the detent prior to pulling the starter switch. At or just above 40% N1 is when you release the trigger. I have found with some UH-1’s it will start cooler if you hesitate going off on the trigger, like at 42%. Once you go off on the trigger, roll the throttle on into the detent (slight roll on past the detent then back to the detent). I normally just leave it there and consider this position to be “flight idle”. If you have Dimond J gauges, it may sense a to
  10. Like what? Sorry to inform you but this industry is shrinking, not expanding. So far, the responses regarding building hours have been the same responses given over decades. At the entry level, this business doesn't change. Building time as a CFI is the best way to gain time -quickly. Otherwise, re-up and go the Mil route... Check the search function for more detailed info on what your looking for..
  11. The Robinson products have specific SFAR hour requirements to teach in them. It’s probably a good idea to meet those requirements. Of those required hours, not all of them need to be in a Robinson. I’d suggest getting time in the 300 while building that time to meet the Robinson SFAR. This would allow you be more marketable to wider verity of schools.
  12. I used to advise against joining the Military if you were just interested in flying the helicopters. However, with todays Military, its a good choice. In many ways, much more rewarding than the difficult path of the commercial sector. Plus, you get the soldiering experience with the disciplined lifestyle as well. That said, if you're not into that then the choice is clear.......
  13. IMHO, the Military and commercial sector are two completely different animals. That is, you shouldn't join the Military to become commercial helicopter pilot. Plus, as already pointed out by Eric, not all Military applicants get to be pilots. Moreover, not all ex-Military pilots who attempt to find commercial jobs after they separate actually find work; ala no guarantee. Same-same holds true for the civil side as not all civilian trained pilots find work either. This business is a risky business in more ways than one. I suggest you do more research and learn what is takes to succeed in ei
  14. Thank you Hobie.... However, after doing so, "My Attachments" file still indicates a 100% full (actually 118% full)...... Weird.... In any case, thanks....
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