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  1. The more machines your qualified to teach in, the greater your options for your first teaching job. That being said, you must meet the SFAR teaching requirements for the Robinson products as they are the most common teaching platform being utilized in the training sector. After that and within those hours, get at least the minimum hours to teach in other machines like the 300. Otherwise, my subsequent decisions choosing a school would be based on; instructor turnover, school vibe, customer satisfaction/service, cost and job possibilities/placement. That is, all things being equal with aircraft condition, maintenance and company safety record......
  2. Welcome back…… I run the Gallet LH250. My organization issued me the SPH-5 but I only wear it to remind myself how good the Gallet is…. I have quiet kit, CEP’s (molded earpieces), Zita liner, straight chord, NVG mount which was purchased from Marit Apparel…. Helmets seem to be a matter of; #1, cost, and #2, loyalty… Kinda-like the Ford/Chevy thing…. I tend to stick with the tried-and-true stuff. Stuff that has been worn in the field over a long period of time. The majority of pilots in my sector go with the Gallet… Comfort, lightweight and a narrow CG are the most common compliments. Most of them tell me; the other “newer” brands are “knock-offs” of established models. I’m not sure why anyone would gamble with knock-offs for head protection (not to say in this particular case the “other” helmets mentioned are in fact “knock-offs”). In motorcycle racing, the saying goes; if you believe your head is worth $150, then get a $150 helmet. The helmet I eventually purchased was $600-ish which wasn’t the highest price but was considered one of the top helmets for head protection... The LH350 looks interesting but since I haven’t been in the market for a new helmet, I don’t know much about it. From the info I’ve seen, it appears to be an upgraded LH250, although an “A” model which brings me back to the tried-and-true philosophy…..
  3. Slim…… However, nothing is impossible but in a word, slim...... You will need to gain the hours needed to get qualified AND compete with other entry level pilots who have way more than 40-50 hours RW time……. Time is one thing. Your competition is another....... Realistically, you probably should not plan on being any different than any other entry level RW pilot. That is, pay your way to a CFI gig and build time from there. After that, you build your time to qualify for the next level of opportunities and someday down the road, your FW time will be more valuable to potential employers…. So the short answer is, get your CFI and teach, just like everyone else….. Oh, and Mericle on the Hudson hero, Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger once said “experience matters”. The only measurement of experience in this business is by the number of hours in the seat… In this case, RW hours…..
  4. Ryan, Goal.... Find a job.... Period... If you believe tours are your best bet, then go for it! But, you'd have to believe the tour operators have recovered from the pandemic and operating at a level where they'd hire a guy with your background. However, I believe this avenue is kind-of like suggesting getting into Oil and Gas sector..... Probably not a good time for that either.... You can sit and wait for these sectors to fully open up but you'd be losing ground..... The best job for you is the one you can get..... Get that job and build some industry experience and tailor your track to EMS after that...... Story.... My initial goal in this business was to fly tours in Hawaii....... I haven't attained that goal because my track changed which has kept me employed over a career...... Try not to get wrapped-up with what people are telling you here on this site (including me). You do what is right for you and your family and things will happen......
  5. Yes, fire/heavy lift is where SIC spots are available. It's valuable because these days you could do a season as a SIC and if you play your cards right, you could move into a PIC spot pretty quickly. More and more utility operators are utilizing 60's and I've met pilots with zero 60 time move into PIC spots within a year... Basically, it's your 60 time that's valuable so use it to your advantage.... PJ Helicopters comes to mind as I know they lost a few of their pilots this year.... Additionally, don't rely on what you read for minimums. If you're the right person, minimums can be waived. This is why I say "talk" to people. Sending resumes in with a later follow up call won't cut the mustard...... Also, some of the majors have recruiters who can provide some info. In this case, REACH comes to mind as I've received calls from them......
  6. Without getting into the weeds, it appears you need to go talk to people working in the business. Learn about the industry you're planning to work in. The internet will provide you with some basic info but, a lot of that info is based on opinion. Therefore, go out and press some flesh and talk to people (working pilots) face to face and get some tangible intel. And COVID is no longer a hindrance to meeting people.... Your first goal should be to get your foot in the door. Your original post was on Jan 8..... What have you done since then to further your goal? BTW, IMHO, for you, yes, SIC would be valuable. v/r
  7. As far as the Bay Area goes, there are no other "closest" options to SF or Oakland...... BTW, Hayward is close to Oakland so you'd need to clarify what your boss means when she says "too far".......
  8. You say you’ve “wanted to fly your whole life.” Understand; one joins the military to be a solider and then they let you fly. Same holds true for LE, ala, one joins a PD to become a Police Officer and somewhere down the road, they let you fly…… Both career paths require a monumental amount of commitment with no guarantees. Specifically, if your reasons to join the military or a PD is “free” flight training, you better think again….
  9. Help yourself to any of the advertisements surrounding this thread and you'll find pricing... That, or simply google "R22 flight instruction in the US".......
  10. Hello,

    You provided useful information on my post "Experience Hour Gap"  I would like to touch base with you privately to run a plan of mine by you and obtain your feedback.  Would you be open to an offline discussion?  It would greatly help with my progress in this industry.



    1. psmarvalous


      Hello Spike, 

      Checking in to see if you would consider a side chat, whichever medium you're comfortable with?  I would like to get your point of view on overall challenges and possible solutions for pilots to get the right training they need.  Would Skype, FB, or any other online chat tool work for you?



    2. Spike


      Hi Rudy,

      I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. If you're still interested, ask any questions you'd like and I'll do my best to answer them. However, I do work and have a life so please allow me the flexibility to get back to you when I can and, this site is fine with me for the medium....


  11. Easy..... Plan on spending about $100.000.....
  12. Go to the Helicopter Association Internationals HeliExpo and attend the "Military to Civilian Transition" course. IMHO, it's a good course well worth the time and effort.
  13. One detent. There is no clockwise/counterclockwise. It’s on or off. Like Eric said, it’s not the 206 so that procedure doesn’t apply. And, it’s not called a “jet” engine. It’s a turbine engine. I suggest you read the flight manual in its entirety before you jump in…. With that, I have no interest in why or what you’re doing. However, time with an instructor is the most appropriate way of going about it. Basically, it sounds like you should rethink your situation and stay within your lane ala; just because you can, doesn't mean you should.....
  14. The Boing article stats start in 2019. That means pre-COVID. The airline business tanked this year furloughing hundreds, if not thousands of pilots and, a lot of them were experienced helo pilots who made the jump to the airlines pre-2020. Guess what, those experienced guys just went back to the helo business taking back jobs from the lesser experienced pool that remained. Hence, why you haven’t seen total time requirements decline. So in 2020, you had greater numbers of available experienced pilots in a shrinking industry. No shortage. The SUU article comes from a flight school. They sell flight time to people who want to be helicopter pilots. They’re not in the business to tell you the truth. They’re in the business of separating you from your money. If you have a while to sit and read, search “shortage”. Open the last page and move forward from there and you’ll get the gist….. It's been said a bazillion times before, there is a path to success in this business but sadly, it doesn't have any shortcuts....
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