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  1. I used to advise against joining the Military if you were just interested in flying the helicopters. However, with todays Military, its a good choice. In many ways, much more rewarding than the difficult path of the commercial sector. Plus, you get the soldiering experience with the disciplined lifestyle as well. That said, if you're not into that then the choice is clear.......
  2. IMHO, the Military and commercial sector are two completely different animals. That is, you shouldn't join the Military to become commercial helicopter pilot. Plus, as already pointed out by Eric, not all Military applicants get to be pilots. Moreover, not all ex-Military pilots who attempt to find commercial jobs after they separate actually find work; ala no guarantee. Same-same holds true for the civil side as not all civilian trained pilots find work either. This business is a risky business in more ways than one. I suggest you do more research and learn what is takes to succeed in ei
  3. Thank you Hobie.... However, after doing so, "My Attachments" file still indicates a 100% full (actually 118% full)...... Weird.... In any case, thanks....
  4. Anyone know how to clear out or delete "My Attachments"? Apparently, I've used up all the available space, and then some... Thanks in advance.
  5. The elephant is in the room….. Sure, probably not a problem. However, it appears you have an issue following the rules and not learning from your mistakes. That is; as a juvenile, 3 speeding tickets in a year resulting in a suspension and now this ticket leading to an arrest…. The aviation business won’t tolerate this kind of behavior…. Therefore, I wouldn’t worry so much about the tickets. Worry about your ability to change your behavior…..
  6. You say your wife is on board. Is she on board with living in poverty while you chase your dream? A low-time pilot wage may be way less than half of what you’re making. In my opinion, selling the house to finance your flight training is a foolish mistake. That is, unless you have other disposable income or savings or, your wife works and makes enough to support your family. And sure, you may have enough for the training but did you consider the cost after training? The peripheral costs with getting a job can be substantial. If you’ve researched this like you say you have; then you know about
  7. The FLI indicates Ng, T4 and TQ (in laymen’s terms: engine speed, temp and power). The FLI takes all three of these parameters and combines them into one indicator. However, all 3 are displayed numerically to the right of the FLI on the same indicator. The FLI does not indicate rotor RPM. That is displayed in its own indicator. What the report tells us about the FLI is; #1; the engine is running and #2; its at a very low power setting. As report and others have pointed out, the lack of collective input (lowering) once the TWIST GRIP was turned off, the RPM decreased which was worsened by
  8. It's been a few years since I've flown an B3 but as I recall, there is a limitation restricting manipulation of the"twist-grip" during flight. Specifically, the twist-grip is not a throttle. It's a switch with two positions. Flight and Idle. Again, if my memory is not failing me, the only time you can switch the grip from flight to idle, in-flight, is during "training" with a "qualified" flight instructor. Why? First gen B3's had issues with the old style throttle/switch combo which caused a few training accidents while practicing auto's. AIRBUS, then American Eurocopter, was done with it and
  9. Hi Jose, PM me your email address and I'll send it to you. Spike
  10. For future reference, when lawyers sue, they sue everyone associated with the incident. EVERYONE. You, as PIC, would be at the top of that list. Therefore, anyone considering such an endeavor should, at minimum, consult with an attorney to protect your assets. Thats what I did...
  11. Pick a school that will provide you with the best chances of being hired as a CFI when you graduate. This usually means a school with high instructor turnover. IMHO, flight schools attached to a university is a waste of time and money. If you want a degree, attend a collage separate from your flight training.
  12. Thats what the investigators/lawyers will say; the pilot *knew* or *should have known* the dangers of a tail wind landing. The most basic level of training and experience includes why pilots should avoid such conditions. He made the decision to do what he did and paid the consequences.
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