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  1. TEMSCO in SE Alaska will have you flying tours for your first season. You’ll fly about 300 hours. Depending on your performance and amount of returnees, you may be offered a sling spot to haul crap down from the dog camp. For your third season, depending on performance and returnees, you can continue to progress. This will all be in an AS350 and later 500. Regardless of where in fact you do end up as you progress from CFI, it all comes down to networking. You could be in the “wrong company” for what you eventually want to do but because you’re a nice person and a solid worker you make some contacts that lead you to your dream job. Of course vice-versa is also possible! I flew west rim for a year but that was just tours so no insight on the south rim possibilities.
  2. Skagway is a very small town. 700 odd permanent residents growing to over 10,000 people on a 4 ship day! Its crazy to see. But once everyone goes, the town is quiet again! I liked that you can bike everywhere. So much nature to take advantage of; hiking, paddle boarding, skiing, snow shoeing, drinking, frisbee golf, swimming etc. You got to know a lot of people quickly and theres always something going on in town. If you like small and can entertain yourself then Skagway is for you. On the other hand if you want more entertainment like bars and restaurants and a better variety of groceries then Juneau is the choice. Its just small town versus big town I guess. Salary was between 3.5 and 4.5, cant remember exactly.
  3. To add, season flight time depends on the base. In Skagway the group ran from high 200s to low 300s both seasons.
  4. I had mates in both Skagway and Juneau that lived in RVs. Once you pass your training (3-5 weeks) youll be assigned a base. Depending of how quickly you pass through training you may or may not have a choice. Once they send you on your way youll hit the ground running in terms of further base training, so youd have to take Marine Highway (aka ferry aka blue canoe) with your RV. Problem is if the boss wants you at your base the next day, the ferry schedule may not accommodate you. One solution would be to base yourself in Juneau as its the bigger base and most pilots are assigned there. If you get allocated Skagway then figure out the ferry schedule and work out a day off with your Base Manager and then transfer the RV that way. Ragman is correct with the other info. I know the Skagway RV Park is pet friendly but it is small. In my second year, a whole group of people did the ALCAN south at the end of the season, maybe 3-4 vehicles from RVs to sedans. I loved Skagway so much. I wish my wife could work from there because Id return in a heartbeat. Best of luck.
  5. Left hand orbits only, all the companies have LOAs that dictate routes, sqwarks etc. Get shown once and youre golden. I enjoyed it, Vegas is best at night.
  6. So a polys inadmissible in court, but its a great way to discount a pilot?! 🙄
  7. Yeah Id agree social media, in particular FB, has taken over. Helicopter Pilots and Helicopter Pilot Network seem to be the big two pages. Im reluctant to post on there because of the flaming many seem to get. I prefer these forums although you need to do some research to make sure the forum you use is appropriate, for example the other forum is more entertainment of which info should be taken with a grain of salt.
  8. I dont have any L model .pdfs to fwd, but FWIW, when I did Eurocopter and Bell factory courses, all materials were provided on-site and in advance when I asked. I guarantee you wont look like an idiot for asking questions or asking for more detailed explanations in order to understand. Im not the most technically inclined person and I always asked for more assistance. I guarantee the questions you ask, you wont be the first person to ask them! Factory courses are a lot of work but I have always enjoyed them. Good luck!
  9. Man. I thought this sh*t only happened in shitholes like where I am now. Sadly no. How hard is it to use your brain and be just a little bit professional.
  10. I swap between left and right. Left is more comfortable but being right handed, right knee is more practical in a job where I can take a lot of notes.
  11. The newer crash seats are quite different from the older style. Much taller. You could secure the co-pilot seat behind the pilot (on the bench) and have one medic but it would be very tight.
  12. Phi's now down, Bristow's up still and Westwind's on Jsfirm
  13. Looks like a lot of the operators are posting for new hires. This is great news!!
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