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  1. I am in central PA, southern Clearfield county so, it is very rural. Mostly Forest and farmland. That guy on you tube is a real flake! I am just curious as to what might be going on. The suggestion to get the number off the helicopter might be a real good idea. Thanks.
  2. Hi folks, I am new here, first post. I am not a pilot but I have been up in a helicopter a few times. Lately there has been a lot of helicopter traffic in the area and I thought it was just me but a neighbor lady mentioned it also. She mentioned they were flying over low last Friday several times and circling. She thought she could see someone leaning out pointing a large radar type gun toward the ground. Now, we are very rural here so, it could be they are just looking at power lines or gas transmission lines or doing road surveys but, they could also be looking for people in the area growing pot or something else illegal. No, I am not aware of anyone doing this in the area but, I am very curious as to what they are doing. If there is a safety concern or something of that nature- fugitive in the area etc., it would be nice to know. Is there a source for this kind of information anywhere? The FAA flight plans or something. I figure, I may not know what all helicopters might be used for in these areas but, you who are into that might just be able to shed some clarity on the curious mind. Thanks in advance.
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