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  1. Followup Article on Inside Defense Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has approved an Army plan to restructure its aviation forces that includes divesting all OH-58 Kiowa Warrior helicopters and taking all AH-64 Apache helicopters out of the National Guard to fill the active component's armed aerial scout mission requirement, according to a defense official. The official said the defense secretary has adopted the Army's plan in the form it was briefed on Capitol Hill, to key industry players and to Inside the Army last month. The approval of the aviation restructure was driven by internal Pent
  2. There is discussion of up to 4 ARNG/USAR 64D units being redesignated to another A/C type and having their aircraft redistributed within the fleet. Some units have been notified-others have not.
  3. There are many different companies contracted both FW and RW in Iraq and Afghanistan for DOD and DoS. In all of the months (read: years) that I have spent overseas I can honestly say that KBR or ITT was not one of them. Those companies have a grip on alot of the loggie and basops type contracts (LOGCAP IV, IT services, etc.). If a guy from KBR was making 170k flying in the back of Blackhawks he was a PAX and on the way to fix a leaky toilet. And the F-15 thing is a stretch.. To say the least.
  4. Its "Leeroy Jenkins", sometimes spelled Leroy Jenkins and often elongated with numerous additional letters, is an Internet phenomenon named for a character created by World of Warcraft player Ben Schulz in Blizzard Entertainment's popular MMORPG. http://www.hark.com/clips/mhtzzzzsvm-leeroy-jenkins
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