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  1. It's surprising that you don't need to be at the Training Command. Squadron instructors teach pilots who already know how to fly. That's a big change from taking somebody has little or no flight training and teaching them to fly.
  2. I had a ride with the Broward Sheriff's Office Aviation Department where we flew around their area of responsibility. We went out over the glades and there was this huge house out in the middle of nowhere. It has a helo pad and a ramp for air boats. The officer said he thought it belong to a real estate developer in the area but wasn't sure. Anybody here know about it?
  3. e145

    DUI's ?

    It depends on how long ago it happened. If it is recent your application will most likely go to the "B' pile.
  4. How many hours do you guys in Portugal get in a typical year?
  5. The pilot side definitely has its advantages especially when you consider the cost of civilian training. Just wondering what your future career goals are/
  6. HeliZach I'm sure that you've heard his before but its important that you work hard on your first operational assignment. You don't want to give you're CO a reason to not recommend you for Pensacola
  7. I agree with erok and Fl Hooker. The only way to know is to submit your package. No one on this forum has the ability to reject or approve your application. I understand you want to see if the water is hot or cold but eventually you're going to have to jump in.
  8. The AFAST is just one indication of how you'll do in flight school. When you think about is it's difficult to use a purely written test to determine how some one will do in a physical environment. There are a number of factors that come into play. Im sure there are people who haven't smoked the AFAST who did very well in flight school and others who had high AFAST scores who didn't.
  9. There is no definite answer for the granting of waviers except if you don't try you won't get one. It doesn't matter what any one on this forum says. All that matters is what the flight doc and the review board say. Ask the flight surgeon what the exact requirements are and if there's anything you can do to keep the ball in your court. Other than that keep your best foot forward.
  10. Most if not all EMS operators could care less if their pilots are medically trained. In fact, I'll go as far to say that most would prefer that their pilots had no medical training. The pilots are there to safely operate the helicopter and becoming involved on the medical side of an incident would put the helicopter, crew, and persons on the ground at risk.
  11. Congrats! Just wondering what your future career goals are?
  12. You'd probably have a good shot at getting on with one of the agencies that doesn't require their pilots to be ground pounders first. You're going to need more hours but that is where I would look first. Are you locked into doing LE or would you consider other things?
  13. It all depends on the company and the type of equipment you'll be flying. Typically if you're flying turbine birds you'll need at least 1000 hrs but if you're flying piston birds you can get by with less. Call the employers who you want to fly for and ask them what there mins are and develop a relationship with them.
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