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    Near Death

    G-Day KEYSCAPT. Yea the other Helo was o.k it landed at a nearby property. He didnt know if i was dead or alive.. ::thanks::
  2. RotaryPilot

    Near Death

    Many Years ago as a 500hr Robbie pilot i was returning in company with another robbie to our home base late one afternoon, we'd been at a fair all day doing joyflights etc, it was getting late in the afternoon, we had both had enough and besides the weather was begining to look rather nasty from the south! By the time we had packed up and got Airbourne it was blowing dogs off chains!!Low cloud and poor flying conditions, Well after speaking with ATC we decided we would take a chance at getting through the Gorge!,, Well the Viz was Poor and so i slowed up to about 25 kts, just about then i was hit side on from my right - Huge Gust - The aircraft beggins to rotate to the right!! Fu#k i apply left pedal and forward Cyclic in an attempt to gain forward airspeed..... The aircraft does not respond and i begin to decend - Fu^k i'm only 100AGL over the dense tree's and rainforest- I hear the Low RPM horn! The aircraft wont respond to control imputs as i lower the collective and apply forward Cyclic.This is Going to Hurt i say to myself! I tell my male pax to brace and i wake up in the wreakage.Wow am i dead ?? My pax walked away from the Helicopter while i remained trapped for sometime, the battery master was still on and fuel dripping into the cabin and onto my head and back.. Pheeeww i thought it was blood. i turn the battery master off! now the forrest was silent...i found myself sitting in the well underneith the now colapsed seat..my feet caught up in the pedals, most of the perspex gone and importantly the Fire Exting was laying some 20 feet ahead of me were it had shot out of its craddle. Umm i thought and shouted to my passenger! quick get the yellow fire extinguiser and if it catches fire! Fu&%ing hit me over the head and knock me out! i'm not going to Burn Alive. Man it was quiet! the canopy was closing over and getting dark!! I remember my mobile phone and make a series of phone calls as we then await to be rescued! I guess it was some 45minutes later when i receive a mobile phone call from the Resue bell 412 Helicopter!! We can't find you! ::pray:: I can hear them but can't see them as i guide them closer by referance to sound. Their above us as i catch sight of the Rescue Crewman! Wow thats a long way up! we had crashed through the tree tops and had fell approx 90ft to the ground! I attempted to free myself from the wrecked machine as my paz was winched into the B412. Jeezz i was in pain i hurt my back and i knew it!! i was eventually winched into the Rescue Helo and given Morphine as we few got clearance to transit direct to the Hospital Heli-Pad. That was many years ago, these days i fly bigger machines and thank my guardian angel that i survived and can still walk. ::rotorhead::
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