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  1. For any of you guys or gals that are running Type I Helicopters on fires, would you consider yourself getting paid your worth and feeling like the money is worth the amount of time spent in the seat? Im trying to decide, if I stay with fires, whether to make the jump into the Type I market by starting off SiC. I dont know if the extra money is worth the time and work or if sticking as a Type III pilot and collecting a paycheck is where its at. Finished my first fire season and will most likely do another next year as a Type III guy. Input is appreciated.
  2. The coop is called owning your own helicopter, and leasing it back to a flight school. 👌🏻 Not many places, if any, are going to let you fly the helicopter out on vacation unless youre partial owner in it. And youve already stated you dont have the funds for something like that. Go get your private airplane addon, and buy a cheap planeS your wishes will come true
  3. Im sure its doable to spend the spring/summer in an RV somewhere. Though Juneau is landlocked, only way in or out is by plane or ferry/barge. Not many areas to get on the road and travel around from there. Skagway has a highway that runs out to the North so you can get out and about. Its a lot smaller of an area than Juneau. There is a train that travels from Skagway into Canada. Training starts early April in Ketchikan around the 2nd. You pay for your flight up. If youre not there when class starts, you lost out. Season will end first week of October. Training Lasts most of April and you wont get paid during this time. Youre an employee when you pass your 135 ride, at which time theyll cut you a small check, $375 or so for passing. You will work 6 days a week and have 1 day off. They pay once a month. You dont get to really choose what base you go to. The company will choose for you. Last half of the season, you can expect to start getting a couple days off per week. Dont go to a Temsco to travel around alaska. You wont get that kind of time off. Go there to fly Astars, get mountain time, and enjoy the views from above. Theres at least one RV campsite in Juneau, Skagway Im not sure. Dont know about prices.
  4. Free instruction is being performed then? Because it clearly states that under the Basic Med program, the flight can not be conducted for compensation or hire.
  5. Excellent. I Appreciate the responses. Im not looking to go out and shine my balls all over everybody on a fire. I want to go home at the end of the day like everyone else.
  6. Cant just put the tiny house on a semi huh? If its only going one mile down the road, thats be the cheapest option.
  7. New fire pilot on the block. I recently got carded in B3s. Forest Service inspector pilot was a guy out of Boise named Rich. Great guy, use to be the chief for Temsco way back in the day. Any tips or friendly advice for a first year pilot?
  8. While crewing -60s out of Ft. Campbell from 2004-2010, I got a 3 month TDY down to the Bahamas to support OPBAT (Operation Bahamas, Turks, and Caicos) to assist the U.S. Coast Guard and Bahamian government in helping to combat the drug smuggling in and around the Caribbean Islands. Quite possibly the best 3 months of my 6 1/2 year military enlistment. It was like a paid vacation. Had our own compound with 3 Blackhawk helicopters, company vehicles, and even company boats. Fairly nice housing with our own rooms, shared bathrooms, sizable kitchen and lounge/living room. Usually flew around 3 hours a day and then we'd go lobster fishing in the afternoon. Use to take our company boat to a beach bar called Chat N Chill to get a burger, fries, and a local brew Kalik for $5.50. Damn that was FUN!
  9. Your boss wants to spend $500,000 on a machine to fly less than 10 hours a month on it? Take a car. Less expensive.
  10. Went last year after I left my job in Orlando. Had a bunch of turbine time in a 66 but had zero Part 135 experience, so I was looking for that first turbine 135 job to get me airborne. The companies in the canyon didnt give me the time of day for a couple reasons. 1, I wasnt a prior flight school instructor and most, if not all of those outfits like hiring pilots that instructed. And 2, I had just over 2,000 hours and about 650 hours turbine time, so i was pretty much over qualified for anything in the canyon. It was a good networking event though, and for any pilots approaching 1000 hours, I would recommend going. Its not a need to go to event by any means, but could make you some good connections for down the road. I Ended up meeting three other pilots there that found their way working with me up in Alaska this season with Temsco. So theres that.
  11. I found the answer to all of these questions using www.google.com
  12. I'm from Northern Cali as well, far Northern Cali (Red Bluff to be exact.) Look into Leading Edge Aviation up in Bend, Oregon. It was a 5 hour drive from my home town once I moved, which made it nice and easy to come back and visit family. Great school with a great training program, and fairly busy. You'd be operating up around the mountains at 3400'MSL+ with a good mix of all the seasonal weather which makes the training atmosphere excellent. Some may claim Leading Edge is just a pilot mill; they are a busy school yes, but do provide an excellent training curriculum and atmosphere to learn. I completed all of my ratings through Leading Edge Aviation, minus my ATP which I haven't accomplished quite yet. They've become quite the company. They use to be strictly a rotary wing flight school, but have since expanded to provided fixed wing training, and have purchased several FBO's at local airports to offer greater services. The company does have some burn/fire contracts during the summer in Bell 206Ls (rumored to be upgrading to 407s soon down the road), so theres potential to move into the fire/utility world with them after you finish instructing. I'd recommend you at least give them a call. You won't be disappointed. https://flyleadingedge.com/
  13. Isn't that the truth about Alaska! I'm finding that out more and more I'm up here. It's like a Rodeo in this part of the country.
  14. If youre ok with getting divorced from them, go for it. Better think about whether they want to move around every 2 years for the next 8 years.
  15. RagMan

    Lunch Menu

    Any kind of snack bars (fig, granola, power, etc.) trail mix Dried fruit Wheat Thins
  16. Skyline Helicopters in Las Vegas is hiring Part 91 tour pilots, Butters. Suck up the $12 an hour and build your time. And you get to give tours over the strip like youve always wanted. https://www.indeed.com/m/viewjob?jk=4b6d32c0216c1686&from=serp&prevUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.indeed.com%2Fm%2Fjobs%3Fq%3Dhelicopter%2Bpilot%26l%3DLas%2BVegas%252C%2BNV%26ts%3D1521301550856%26rq%3D1%26fromage%3Dlast
  17. As I'm near certain a initial safety briefing was accomplished by either office staff/ground crew/pilot before takeoff, I wonder if, during the final moments of the auto, the passengers were instructed by the pilot to ready the release of their harness mechanism or at the minimum have the harness cutters out and ready prior to making contact to the water. I feel like last minute instructions to do either one of those two things, whether the aircraft was going to sink or stay upright, could have potentially saved lives. The fact that all 5 passengers drowned while still hooked into their harnesses leads me to believe that did not take place. And yes, I'm familiar with HUET training. Did mine down at Rucker years ago.
  18. Nearby Arizona and Oregon have several great schools, better pickings than what youll find in Vegas. Dont limit yourself to Las Vegas unless there are extreme circumstances. This industry will pick you up and drop you in different areas on a frequent basis.
  19. Anyone heading up there for the first time or another round? I'm working on getting up there at the moment. I've got no astar time but hoping getting up to Alaska in one works out, as it would greatly open up doors going forward.
  20. That's not a bad story. This one is even BETTER! In 1973, after having escaped the employment grasps of both Bell Helicopter and Hughes Helicopters, visionary Frank Robinson founded Robinson Helicopter Company. Frank ventured off to developed his own helicopters on his own time. Today, his company manufacturers some of the most sought after helicopters in the world. If you call sooner than later, if Robinson Helicopter Company doesn't keep you on hold for too long, and you have the money, maybe you can buy.... A Robinson Helicopter!!! *A-Team theme playing*
  21. Its more of collecting pilot information for input into a "pool" system for future employers looking for pilots. Though with that, when I called following a lead on some contract work offshore of Texas, the contracts fell through and the guy I talked to said he'll keep my info in a collecting pool in case potential employers come to him looking for pilots. Most of those postings you see aren't for actual jobs at this moment. They could be potential jobs in the future.
  22. I'll look into the Vocational flight training that Crashed_05 posted. That route may not require an individual to be seeking a degree program to have some flight training costs covered. Once a Veteran starts to use the Post 9/11 Bill benefits, he/she can not revert back to the regular montgomery G.I Bill. At least thats what the VA told me once upon a time.
  23. I'm not up to date with any changes that may have happened with the Post 9/11 GI Bill since I finished all of my training in 2013, or how those benefits can be used. I'm curious if the VA still requires you to be enrolled in a degree program to utilize your Post 9/11 benefits, or if they lifted that. Will they allow you to utilize your benefits without a degree program these days? (ie: if I wanted to go take a mountain flying course with a school in an Md-500, or go get additional training with a 206 doing VR/LL.) I still have benefits to use, and during these couple off months, id like to be able to continue to use those benefits to go get some additional training if its possible. And don't tell me to call the VA. Those jokers couldn't find a hole in the bottom of the sea (anyone remember that cadence? ha!)
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