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  1. Ok, so I'm a low time CPL holder and I'm looking for ways to build time. I don't need to get paid...it would be nice, but not a must. I'm willing to travel or move wherever I need to. I have my CFII and all but would prefer not to instruct. I would rather not spend all day in a traffic pattern doing the same stuff all day. I know most people must go that route, but I'll exhaust all options first. So what I'm offering is $2500 to anyone who provides a lead that works out and $5000 for a paying job. I'm not offering the money for a quick 10 hours though. I want something that will help me build real time. I need roughly 250-300 hours to move on. Now I'm not looking for a company to hire me so I can get my hours and bail on them. If I land with a company that puts time and effort into me, then I will make sure they get out of it what they put in. If I get hired at a place that is a good fit for me and vice versa then I will stay for good. My time is in 300C and CBI, and 206. I can go to the bell school if needed(for insurance). If you know of anything or know anyone: Ryan 281-910-8308 ryanryan5102@yahoo.com Feel free to call or text me if you have any questions or need any info. Thanks to anyone who puts forth any effort at all. I do appreciate it.
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