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  1. I just got rid of my Gallet and switched to the 56. The Gallet needed so much counter weight the helmet was killing my neck. The 56 I need zero weight on the back!
  2. Hey guys here is the video Mike was referring to during his talk. Nice to see everyone this year!
  3. A buddy of mine had the Leonardo Da Vinci flying machine on his torso, turned out really cool!
  4. I fly for them part time and really enjoy it. The schedule will depend on what contract. I think their standard pay is $250 a day.
  5. The only issue I see with your statement is that most ENG companies require at least 500 turbine and 250 in type for them to consider you for employment...
  6. Call Jerry Trimble @ jerrytrimblehelicopters.com he has a bunch of 105 time. Amazing teacher!
  7. Try US Helicopters in North Carolina.
  8. The AS350B3 max ceiling is 23,000 feet, whats another 6,000 feet??
  9. Its a strecthed 214ST with 4 blades and bigger engines...
  10. I use a Gallet LH250 and i'm VERY happy with it. The long flights at night with the NVGs, the Gallet really is nice!
  11. I know Helicopters Northwest up in the Seattle area has in house loans....They are picky about who gets it but its worth a shot.
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