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  1. http://www.kcoy.com/global/story.asp?s=12538679 I guess I did not realize how much gov't money went to these operations. And that "most" air ambulance companies are nonprofit. Any truth to these statements?
  2. Don't forget to Breathe! And don't be afraid of a bit of a running landing if you need it.
  3. I make "enough" money. But far from happy (in sense of work). During Private training looking out the side windows while strafing trying to follow the line in front of me. All I could think about was how amazing this is, and that somebody would actually want to pay me to do this. Hell, I would pay to do this (and am). I can't even hear the sound of a heli overhead without stopping whatever I am doing to go look. I feel like a child as a train passes by pointing out the choo-choo to all my friends. Inside shaking my fist at the air wondering why it is not me up there. Continuing my training is my goal. One step at a time. I am confident I will make it as a professional pilot someday. And when I do, it will all be worth it. I will be doing what I enjoy, and the rest is gravy on top. My goal is not to be monetarily rich. But to enjoy what I do - in and out of the workplace. If the nay-sayers want to say nay, then let them. They are the ones who will not succeed or be happy. Those that say yes will not take pity on them. People do not feel sorry for those who feel sorry for themselves. But those that say yes to life's challenges are the ones who will succeed in life, and even if it does not take them to where they thought it would. Where you are is not nearly as important as where you are going and where you have been.
  4. The first time I went skydiving the guy I was tandem with showed me how to pull the ripcord and backup chute just in case something happened. He could have called them "anvils" for all I cared. Sure, not quite the same scenario. But would at least give me a fighting chance. I ain't going down without trying something. Maybe his explanation wasn't in industry terms, but it would make enough sense to someone on a tour who may or may not even speak english. You and I know you are SOL in that scenario, so what difference does it make?
  5. I have considered this way. But, doesn't it leave you short on the 200 or 300 rotor hours you need to instruct for insurance minimums?
  6. My situation: I have my private helicopter rating. Eventually I would like to go all the way through CFII. The flight school I went to does not offer instrument training. Nor do they have an R44. I am under the assumption that I can save a couple thousand dollars by doing the commercial and instrument training concurrently. Also put some of those hours into an R44 and I can be certified to be a CFII in an R22 and R44. This seems like the most cost effective way to achieve my goals and also makes me a better candidate for a job. Is my theory correct? What am I missing? My real question is: Do I start my commercial training locally and keep my job until a point where I would need to start the instrument training and also start getting some hours in the R44. Or do I wait for a bit longer, save a bit more money and move to somewhere that I can train more cost effectively, but have to find a new job? And throw this in there too: I paid cash for my private, and want to continue to pay cash. I do not have enough money saved up for even just a comm rating, and will not for at least another year. I will have to be out of my current housing in the next couple of months (short sale). So I will have to move -somewhere- anyway. If I move, I will need to find a new job, most likely one that does not pay as well as my current. My current job pays well, but is slowly yet efficiently sucking the life out of me. I know the aviation industry (as well as every industry) is in the pooper right now. But, I am also not the kind of guy who sits around and waits for something to happen. Wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which fills up first. Thanks for yer support.
  7. Sitting here thumbing through the youtube interpage. Watching some of my old favorites. And was wondering what your favorites are. I am thinking less than 2 minute clips that you can show to a buddy and not completely lose them, or still have a shot at another before the "ok, I've lost interest in what you think is cool" sets in to our unhovering friends. I think my all time favorite is from the Straight Up documentary that was discussed in another topic. Where they show the basic control and dynamics of the Bell47. And the Powerline patrol scenes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNKtGasHTKo Of course there are also the crash clips. I do have a hard time with some of those. This one always has me rooting for the pilot. "Pick it up! Pick it up!" or "Set it down! Set it down!" Depending on my mood at the time. I do believe everyone survived this incident. Anywho... What you got to share?
  8. Take the career changing job. Stay on the lookout for CFII jobs. Change back when the opportunity presents itself. Be selfish, no one else will do it for you.
  9. Jeebus! I was lucky to get my blade cp to hover with ping pong ball training wheels. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8t41avFuCc
  10. Looks like I am too late. Found this for ya. http://www.heli-chair.com/ Pretty sweet. Save you thousands of dollars!
  11. I believe they are the same thing as the vapor trails you would see on airplane wingtips. More thorough answer. http://bit.ly/d5gx3N Or: Quickly from http://www.crystalinks.com/contrails.html The wings of an airplane cause a drop in air pressure in the vicinity of the wing. This brings with it a drop in temperature, which can cause water to condense out of the air and form a contrail but only at higher altitudes. At lower altitudes, this phenomenon is also known as "ectoplasm." Ectoplasm is more commonly seen during high energy manoeuvers like those of a fighter jet, or on jet liners during takeoff and landing, at areas of very low pressure, including over the wings, and often around turbo-fan intakes on takeoff.
  12. Kidding about the bird perch. Never seen that before. Don't know how much I like it.
  13. I had a Blade CP. Put all kinds of cash into it with upgraded blades, battery and motors and such. Not for indoors. 3D flight. Spent more time repairing it than flying it. But, that was half the fun. Runryder.com and rcuniverse.com are great places to get info. If you are looking for a beginner kit definitely get one that has a coaxial counter rotating head system. Otherwise it will be all crash and no play.
  14. What is the extra tube mounted on the cyclic for? Bird perch?
  15. http://bit.ly/bJeIsZ Not the safest take off. Your thoughts? I mean it looks like "fun" but at what cost?
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