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  1. I am currently going through UVU's online aviation program. If I remember right they got rid of their helicopter program a few years ago. From my understanding it was basically because of pilots signing up, getting their finances process and once they got their check they dropped the program. You can still get financed through them but you don't receive very much per semester to really make using them as a primary financial source. From what some students have told me they only send out like 4k a semster. Which wouldn't last long in flight training.
  2. Have you checked out Whirlybird Helicopters in Ogden, Utah. I trained there and they were a great school to train at because it offered mountain training, high DA was regular in the summer time as 7200' and up. The airport its self is controlled with a military base 4 miles away and Bravo airspace from Salt Lake International. They are a pay as you go school with no pre and post charges or fuel charges. They can also arrange accommodations with some of the instructors they have there. You can check out their web site for the total cost on programs they offer at FLYWHIRLY.com. If you have any other questions feel free to email me and I will try to answer any questions you may have.
  3. so your saying i could get a schweizer job if i only have 60 hours of enstrom time.
  4. They did stay they would hire me, wether or not I get a student really depends on the need. I am not to concerned about flying either one, its just that this school also flies the R22 and R44 so I would get time in those. I thought it would be a good school because they said if I don't get hired with them I will have the time in Robbies so I could go to a school that flies them, if not there then I could go to an Enstrom school or Schweizer school. I just want to fly I don't care what it is!!
  5. Do you think Schweizer schools would hire someone with only 50 or 60 hours or Enstrom time? Thats what the school I am looking at tells me that Schweizer schools would consider me if I only have Enstrom time. I don't think any Schweizer school or Enstrom schools would take a pilot if they only had 50 or 60 hours in that aircraft.
  6. I have noticed a few more Enstrom schools comeing around and I have heard from a couple of them that I could use my Enstrom time for Schweizer time. There is a school that I am looking at that flies the R22, R44 and Enstrom. They use the Enstrom for instrument training and they say they have it to make the student more marketable cause Enstrom and Schweizers are pretty similiar. I was wondering what everyone thought on that and if I only get 50 hours in the Enstrom could I still be able to get hired at Schweizer schools? I will finish up with 200hrs.
  7. Dude congrats on the wedding. Learn as much as you can. That will help you in finding your first instructor job. Also I found that its a very good idea to make sure you have enough money to carry you through a rating. I ran out of money when I was working on my Instrument rating and I sat around for almost 2 months trying to get some more. When I started up again it was almost like I forgot how to fly using the instruments, so it was like I was starting over. Which is throwing your money away. Good man and have a blast. Flying is the greatest thing I have ever done!
  8. PhotoFlyer Do you like those electronic logbooks? I have always wondered about them but I don't know anyone that uses them. If you do what kind do you use and where can I find it?
  9. I know it would be fun. I want to know if it would help my career to have that time? I really haven't heard of to my schools out there flying Enstroms.
  10. Both have very possibilies but neither would say for sure. I guess I am wondering is if I have Enstrom time along with 300c, R22, and R44 time would help me out? Either school that I choose has an R22 and I will do the 50 hours in that. I already have 45 hours in an R44. I wanted to see what people who have been in this industry for awhile think and what you guys would do.
  11. My school closed a couple of months ago and we were flying 300c. The only schools in my area now fly R22/44 or Enstroms. I was wondering what schools would be better for my career? I do have 45 hours in a R44. The school that has the Enstrom also flies a R22. I don't know of many Enstrom schools out there. Are there many and would it help me to have Enstrom time or stick to the R22 and R44?
  12. Is there really a shortage for AG pilots? Everyone that I have talked to says its hard to get into cause there is no shortage and lots of pilots want to do it. Where can I get more info? What are the req. for doing something like that?
  13. Man that would be awsome. If I could get to Oregon without making my wife mad I would totlly do it. My school is looking to get a R44. How much longer are you looking? I will keep trying to talk my wife into letting me go if it's not already filled. Great opportunity!!
  14. I am learning about coriolis effect and they mention center of mass alot in the books I read. But I can't find any information on what the center of mass is. So if anyone could help me to understand that I would be grateful. Thanks, Michael
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