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  1. Thanks for the response guys, I am going to put in my packet with the Army. I am meeting a recruiter tomorrow. Thanks, Doug.
  2. Hello everybody, I was wondering if anybody could confirm whether or not you must be a member of the national guard in order to apply for a 153a Warrant Officer position? is the active duty army the only way to get the 153a WO slot when you initially sign? This would be for the Oregon National Guard if that makes a difference. thank you.
  3. Do they check driving records in every state that you have ever lived in? is the review board going to have a copy of my driving record? I do not want to lie but I do not want to admit anything that I do not have too.
  4. I am studying for the ASVAB and AFAST right now. I want to get that stuff down before I go take it. I have a feeling those scores are going to be extremely important coming from a civilian applicant. I currently have a class 2 medical so i am not very worried about the class 1 physical I will recieve. The class 1 just adds an ekg and some bloodwork i believe. I have one question, Does the WOFT board look at your driving record when considering you? the army background check looks for this I think but does the board get a copy? I have a few speeding tickets on my record, the last one is four years ago. will this hurt me? I can understand them not wanting to give me a multi million dollar aircraft to fly if they feel I disregard traffic laws. anyway thank you for the help.
  5. Hello everyone, I am in the process of putting my warrant officer packet together and I have a few question for the knowledgable members here. I apologize for the long post by my recruiter is not very knowledgable and I have lots of questions. 1. I am a civilian and I am trying to decide who should write my LOR's. I have a private pilots license so I feel that the chief flight instructor at my flight school would be a good choice. The boss at my current job was a sergeant in the Air Force so I was thinking that he would be helpful also. I played four years of college baseball so I am going to ask my coach to write a letter for me. I have a very good friend who is an officer in the Navy on active duty and although it might be a little difficult to get a letter from him, would this be worthwhile to pursue? I do not know any Army Heli pilots except the person who gave me my private pilot checkride but I feel that might be a bit awkward asking him since he does not really know me that well. How many letters should I have? 2. I saw on the warrant officer website their was a format for the military LOR of about three paragraphs. Should the people writing my letters stick to this format somewhat or would a general letter be okay. 3. Who should the letter be addressed to? I am assuming Warrant Officer Review Board but I am not sure. 4. Do I need to write a personal narrative explaining why I am the best choice for WOFT? 5. What are the qualities in a civilian that the review board looks for the most for this position? I need to know which aspects of my life I need to emphasize the most. Thank You all very much for your input I appreciate it greatly.
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