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  1. I know one of the pilots personally. Good guy. If you need to contact him, I could connect you.
  2. I'm hoping this isn't a repost somewhere. I always find huge arguments on this subject, so hopefully this sheds some light on it. Second page, last paragraph. Cliff notes: Both can log pic: 1. If the safety pilot takes full responsibility for the flight. 2. If the student has the foggles on 3. and the student is the sole manipulator of the controls. http://www.faa.gov/a...OMMAND TIME.pdf
  3. Thanks for the insightful replies! The reason I ask is, I need hours to meet requirements for my commercial. So I have to spend the money on something. Getting those hours in the 44 would be at half price than the usual wet charge. So I would be saving money by doing it that way. But, I wasn't sure if long line and high altitude training would help me more in the long run. All of your comments are helpful. Thank you.
  4. I'd like to hear your opinion! As a CFII searching for that initial job, would you rather have long line and high altitude experience on your resume with maybe 65-70 PIC R44II hours? or 100 hours PIC R44II and no long line or high altitude training/endorsements? What's more valuable for that initial CFII spot?
  5. What do you guys think about the maneuver at 1:41? Just curious about your thoughts on that... Awesome video!
  6. On a R44 Raven II, during the first start of the day, the engine attempted an overspeed with governor on. During shut down, engine off, battery on, I noticed the engine RPM gauge "Ticking" multiple times. Interesting.
  7. Far/AIM, RFH, POH for the aircraft, Commercial PTS, ASA Test prep private book 2012, and CD.
  8. I'm looking for a list of law enforcement aviation units that accept civilian pilots. I have: Maryland State Police Fairfax county DPS can anyone add to this list? Thank you!
  9. Romanweel, Awesome post. Very insightful. Thank you. Anyone else care to share? Edit: yes I realize this post is old. No sense in making a new thread, when I can just bump this one.
  10. After talking to some EMS pilots, I've been starting to fall under the impression that mostly ex-military guys get EMS jobs. Is this true? Is military training more appealing to employers?
  11. Very good info!!! Thank you! Do you have to take the ASVAB and AFAST the same day?
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