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  1. Student pilot, and trying to learn the visual differences between various helicopter brands Enstrom, Robinson, Schweizer.. easily discernible For some reason I can't see anything definitive to tell the difference between a eurocopter and a bell obviously its model specific, but is there anything specific about either brand that screams I'm a Bell? Robinson has that clearly visible rotor mast, Enstrom with the tadpole look, schweizer is a glass ball with a tail rotor... Sikorsky's I could probably figure out over time, but I dont see them as much is there a site that helps differentiate different brands?
  2. can somebody tell me what is a 'reverse autorotation'
  3. Have always been told the factory is the only place to go have heard some good things about it, so I'm looking forward to it.
  4. excellent photography work on some of those! great pics, thanks!
  5. Cool! I'm currently living in Wash DC area learning, and was hoping to move closer to family in SW MI (Niles). Great to hear there are a few schools in the area.. unfortunately lansing is near 2 hours, but Warsaw only 1 hour. I'm currently learning in the R22, so will be interesting to try an Enstrom when I finally get moved. I'll bookmark this link so I can find it later
  6. Thanks for the feedback I currently use the dauntless ground school for test prep, but I'm also going to try the ASA. I've been going through all of the courses in bulk on every test exam, and that hasn't been working for me. So now I'm going to drill by category and mark all the questions I get wrong.. I never was good at studying and its been a few years since college so gotta remember how to do this study thing
  7. American Helicopters over in Manassas I've done a few of the king schools online stuff, not the package.
  8. Ok I'm dying here.. Am I just retarded or what? I see so many people passing the written, but I've been beating this horse for a long time now. I use danasoft groundschool prep to study for the exam, but dont really feel like I'm making much progress.. I'm worried I maybe over complicating matters or just totally stupid on the way I'm going about studying. I dont have much for an attention span, so i'm not real good with sitting down and reading/studying that way. how did you study? books? read specific areas over and over? software? I've recently heard about weekend crash courses, so I've been looking into those.. but the only one I can find is in baltimore but not until late Sept! aviationseminars.com not to mention finding a place that supports heli study, too many boring plane classes.. not many heli classes So if you know of any other companies that are in the DC area (light travel is fine) I'm fully willing to try that, I'm ok with the cost.. just want to be DONE with it. I'm very close to wrapping up the flying requirements, so need to finish up the written so I can move forward.
  9. this is now a watched thread if anybody else sees it coming on soon post up here so we all can catch it! wont expect charyou to to send dvd's to everybody
  10. I'm a student out of KHEF (Manassas, VA), its a great place to learn KHEF is Class D airspace, so get familiar with towered airports, we fly out to Warrenton with no tower just CTAF for lower traffic area to do maneuvers, autos etc. Have to deal with the SFRA (ADIZ whatever they call it this week) so requires flight plans +communication to potomac arrival/departure to leave/enter the area, and we have Dulles Airport (Class B ) right around the corner to get experience doing a transition If you can fly here, you're good to go most anywhere Thankfully as a student I haven't had to deal with flying into the FRZ (Flight Restricted Zone around the DC area)
  11. excellent, thanks guys looks like I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue (movie quote, relax!) thanks for the book quote, and notes..
  12. For some reason this is not sticking in my head, and is not making logical sense to me and its driving me nuts Why is the bold statement not making sense to me!??! In my head Raise temp ==> lower pressure air temperature is higher, and therefore the air particles are more spread apart = lower pressure. higher temp --> Lower pressure would indicate on a altimeter as HIGHER than true altitude. So in reality my aircraft would be LOWER than indicated. am I thinking correctly, but trying to understand a poorly structured sentence?!? I could understand in a fixed volume that pressure would increase (Charles Law?) but we dont exactly have a fixed volume in the atmosphere.
  13. interesting ideas, I'll have to figure out what works for me I like the 3 ring binder idea, to easily flip through notes/chart/flighth plan etc.
  14. Thanks folks I dont mind flying with doors on so much (other than being cramped at 6'3), its just HOT in summer time. No AC sucks, and I hate the heat. I flew for a few hours today with doors on, in 90 something heat.. it was bearable while I was in the air but as soon as you stop you just BAKE lol I like the option of making a copy of the sectional, so I dont have a huge sectional all folded up and difficult to manage. I've also considered putting a 2-3 ring binder on my kneeboard but I'mjust not that creative lol I'll check out some of the kneeboards suggested. I'll also check into the tape thing Flying around here in DC area, always have to deal with SFRA transponder codes, and tons of small airports it will be good to have a quick place to take notes - ie tape on the leg, or binder to flip pages.
  15. I've recently completed my first x-country solo, and am looking forward to more! My biggest problem is organization, specifically when the doors are off. When the doors are on, I can put my map on the seat beside me, flight plan and notes on my kneeboard. This doesn't work so well with no doors, so trying to figure out a better way to manage this. My kneeboard is kinda crappy one for those silly fixed wing people (didn't know when I bought it.. stupid brain). It has flaps so when the doors are off they have a tendency to fly around. Curious what the real world does for managing these things. My instructor has a mountain of stuff on his kneeboard, and seeing as I'm usually flying not sure how he manages when he is PIC.. maybe just experience so he's not as nervous about taking his hands off the collective while dealing with it Suggestions? We're in an R22, so space is always limited!
  16. I'm heading to Orlando for some much needed R&R in March, and was curious what the reputable helitours are down there? Unfortunately I'm just a student, so can't do it myself Anyways, I see Orlando Helitours has a JetRanger which would be cool. Will be flying with my dad who is 260lbs, so Florida Air is out (they have max of 250 per seat). Suggestions/ideas?
  17. Suprised there aren't more DC people around here guess nobody can stand to fly around the ADIZ Just outside of fairfax, VA Home airport KHEF
  18. should we be concerned he hasn't returned back a status
  19. I'm attending American Helicopters in VA now Overall I'm happy with the CFI's I've worked with, and their aircraft They are very safety conscious, and work very well with my schedule as I have a heavy load on my daytime job. I usually scheduled my classes during the week at night, and weekends with no complaints from instructors and no problem scheduling them. I do have to schedule a month in advance as my instructor is the senior, so he's pretty busy. They teach auto's right from the very start so you get familiar with them, and more importantly comfortable with them. They teach you to deal with the ADIZ (critical in DC land), and how to deal with Dulles Class B airspace hanging over you. I'm currently awaiting good weather for my first solo
  20. is this link still working for others? I'm getting a dead page The page you tried to access does not exist on this server. tried in Opera, and FF - same results Thanks for the other link, I'll be checking it out
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