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  1. Yeah, just shy of 200hrs. Relocation isn't an option so the only agencies I'm aware of with aviation units are the (3) SO's I mentioned. It was suggested to me to try and get on as a TFO upon conclusion of my probationary period until I was able to build up enough hours to function as a pilot. Does FWC fly out of Palm Beach, Broward or Martin Counties?
  2. Hi, I'm a recent graduate of the Army's Black Hawk course located in Palm Beach County, FL. I also currently hold my FDLE LEO certification, though I'm not currently employed as one. If my goal was to ultimately fly for a local (Palm Beach, Martin or Broward County) law enforcement agency, is there anything that I could do to accelerate that dream coming to fruition outside of choosing one and spending an indefinite amount of time on the road for the chance at being taken in? Can anyone local to me chime in?
  3. Glad I got in when I could. Had no idea USAR aviation was such a small community compared to ARNG and AD until I got here to Rucker.
  4. USAR and ARNG already know their airframes and unit locations prior to their arrival at Rucker, with some exceptions. There's just no way to have some sort of OML for such a thing when the state/component is writing the check for you to be here. The 'worthiness' of the individual is left up to his/her selection board and the unit that 'accepts' you. If you're an AD WO/LT and fretting about things out of your control, it is only going to make things more stressful for you out here. I hear and see it everyday with the AD folks. If you make peace with the fact that having the opportunity to be an Army aviator is awesome enough, you'll take whatever airframe you end up getting with a stupid grin on your face.
  5. Kill the sections that are able to be studied. The SIFT booted me out of the math section after about 2 min. However, I killed the other sections and pulled off a 60. Quizlet really helped with the aviation knowledge.
  6. Had a few "street to seat" guys in my WOCS class but only one true "High School to Flight School" dude. Though he got a lot of crap and still does to this day for being so young, I can speak for most who know him and say that we are all rather impressed with his level of maturity and ambition for only being 19. From what I recall him telling us was that he was an Eagle Scout, had some good LOR's, participated in sports and was good at PT. Right time right place. AD Army was looking for someone to invest in long term and he fit the bill.
  7. Correct. Same kid failed initial APFT for our class after sitting on hold for months. I recall speaking with him while on CDO. SMH
  8. Had a guy in my WOCS class who was mid-thirties going AD AV. He was also a lawyer.
  9. All I can confirm is that it wasn't an option for prior-service as of August 2014. I wanted that sucker so bad.
  10. You got it! I didn't bring a single one. With a combination of the ones that are stuffed in wall lockers from candidates past and the ones you'll get your ACU's back on from laundry, you'll be fine. Nope. I brought mine that was way nicer than the issued one from CIF but due to uniformity issues, it sat in the security room the whole time. No static items allowed. Anything above and beyond the authorized amount must either go into the security room, trash or your POV. The WOC SOP will advise the MIN required to be displayed and if you don't have that due to them being in laundry, you'll have to fill out a DIM (Display Items Missing) Card. Once a week you're required to go to the shoppette and get haircuts which is next to clothing sales. There, you'll find any supplies you will need. Per the WOC SOP, they can be any of the authorized colors. I saw folks with brown BCT style ones or white boxer briefs. Don't remember anyone getting crap for what underwear they wore.
  11. My buddy graduates today. The last few weeks its been in the upper 30's at night there. Felt bad for him!
  12. Sooo it is 70 degrees currently in South FL where I'm at. Sitting here thinking about how cold it'll be at 0400ish on the 24th of this month running that 2mi at Rucker. Looks like there's a 25 degree difference in temperature at the moment. Guess that's one of the few downfalls of living in FL-having to acclimate to a colder environment.
  13. Must I screen shot that text message suggesting I inquire on here? PS: I acquired the info requested. Thank you all for your time.
  14. Neither the WOC SOP or the WOCC website outline the details. If there are any WO1's here who attended either this or the last FY and still have theirs, please PM me. My class is trying to get ahead of the game. V/r, P
  15. I know it has been published. However, does anyone have a PDF copy yet? If so please PM me.
  16. If you're currently AD(whatever branch) going AD or USAR/ARNG going AD, you'll PCS. For those of us remaining USAR and ARNG, we'll be TDY.
  17. Timeframes I'm looking at are: 24 NOV-29 JAN for WOCS12 APR-15 MAY for AV WOBC (Part A)So, it looks like SERE and HOST will be MAY-JUNE. Not too shabby.
  18. The good news about doing WOCS in the winter is that I'm looking at SERE in May-June timeframe. Some good ole spring time weather.
  19. Going through the packing list and was curious about a few things. I'll be at Rucker 23 NOV- 29 JAN. How cold are we talking during this time frame? Will the issued (1) IPFU Jacket and Pants be enough or should I purchase another? Is the short sleeve IPFU shirt worn under the IPFU jacket or the long sleeve? Does it matter?For those who've attended during this time frame, please advise. Thanks
  20. I'm hearing something about being able to request night-time shower privileges via WO Memo Format? How long do we have to wait before doing so? I've had a damn beard since like 14 y/o and it's easier for me to shave the night before. I can imagine it'll make things a lot easier when you only have so many minutes between reveille and PT...
  21. Report date of 4 months from the day I found out I was selected (July 18). I'm USAR though. I'm almost positive they're more accommodating for USAR and ARNG in terms of getting you to WOCS sooner.
  22. Got my dates today. Class 15-005. Be there or be square.
  23. The Officer Accessions NCO I worked with for the USAR forced me to use the HQ USAREC Form 3.3, despite my being told by other Marine selectees that they submitted standard memo format LOR's with their unit's letterhead etc. Sometimes it's better to go with the grain than against it. Also, being that not all of the USMCR is structured similarly to the Army, I used my Platoon Commander (O3) as my Co. CO and my CO (O6) as my BN CO for LOR purposes.
  24. Hey bud, although I'm impressed that you have the interest in this endeavor so early on (wish I had when I was your age), if you look at the stats of the selectees on this forum, I'd be shocked if you found one with just a HS education and no prior-military experience. You mentioned the ARNG or USAR option to attend college, and gain a little bit of military experience. I think that's an excellent choice. They'll pay for your schooling and you'll kill two birds with one stone. You have the upper hand of knowing you want to go WOFT already, so you can do everything within your power and budget to build a resume towards that. The sky is your limit. I had people laughing at me (including some very close to me) when I told them that I wanted to pursue becoming a pilot in the USAR at 28 years of age. Within 3 months I had my package together, was boarded and selected. Now, I'm having a little chuckle myself. Do yourself a favor, enlist into something aviation related mech, operations etc. so at least you'll already be in an aviation unit and be familiar with such. Network your butt off. Oh, and pick up your damn grades, son! Just my .02 as a selectee of July's board. Take from it what you will. Best of luck to you.
  25. Average wait time is about a month. However, I've seen it as soon as a week and as long as a couple months. Biggest thing is whether or not there's any issues with it such as your levels on something are out of standards etc.
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