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  1. Carl is more the knuckle dragging speed we are accustomed to... let's go with Carl.
  2. Who's this Johnny? And why does he have to belong to the attack community... this is f*cked up!
  3. I'm sorry I can't offer much advice in this topic as I'm relatively new to the whole thing and haven't been through it yet. If I however offer you an opportunity if you want to be in AZ, PM me.
  4. See kids, that's what an 80 gets you... lol
  5. I use the iPad mini case from Flying Circle Bags. It's pretty awesome but offers no water protection.
  6. For Guard, the delay between WOCS and WOBC is entirely state dependant. I only had three days at home to pack and leave again to make it back in time, but my buddy had a three month wait, and we were in the same WOCS.
  7. Guard is a PCS move back to Rucker after you graduate WOCS. WOCS is TDY for just you and you stay in the barracks "lockdown". When you PCS back, you'll be afforded the opportunity to live on base in housing or off base if you choose. Same as active duty. During my flight school, Guard was pushed ahead of active duty on class rostering to avoid excessive bubbles. My longest one was 3 months. It's unlikely that you'll return to your home state during flight school unless you fail a class or something. The challenge is whether or not to sell your current house, and buy another one when you're done and headed home, or to maintain your house at home as well as live on base. We were able to keep our house and live at Rucker with no problems.
  8. I emailed the developer of MyFlightbook and he has created a custom currency option that should make it so you can now add your airframes semi annual minimums and it'll work. I'm going to go build it tomorrow and check it out.
  9. Short answer: Contact your WOSM. They will have the correct answers to your questions or refer you to the OCS recruiter for your state. They will also help you get to the SIFT and flight physical and build your packet. If t required that you be in the Guard before submitting your packet, enlist as something 15 series. Preferably 15R, 15T or something "repairer". The schooling you'll get from AIT for that MOS will help you tons when you get to advanced airframe section of flight school as long as you're flying what you were trained to work on. Also being a 15 series will put you in the hangar around pilots and high ranking Warrants that you can interview with for a LOR. A CW5 LOR will hold a lot more weight to the board, for ARNG, than an officer's letter will.(assuming you go Warrant and not OCS)
  10. I do use a digital. You're right, it's so much easier and way more detailed. I do also keep a notebook backup which is much less detailed. Plus there's always CAFRS. Hahaha. So now I need to figure out how to log the regular cross country in my app and I'll be logging for both reasons. Ps, I use MyFlightbook.com which also has a phone app. It's free and REALLY detailed and the programmer is super cool and is adding stuff for semi annual minimums so it'll track currency too.
  11. So, I've read the AOPA website that quotes the FAA regulation regarding logging cross-country time. It says (for my use) that you have to use pilotage or dead-reckoning blah blah blah and has to also include a point of landing at least 25nm away from the initial takeoff point. It also goes on to say this; "For a military pilot who qualifies for a commercial pilot certificate (except with a rotorcraft category rating) under 61.73, cross-country time is more than 50 nm straight-line distance from the original point of departure with no landing requirement. 14 CFR 61.1((3)(vii)" Would that only apply to the military fixed wing guys who are allowed to waive the landing requirement or can I fly from point A to B that is greater than 25nm, do some engagements or OGE hover for fast rope insertion, and then fly home having never touched the skids down and count that as cross-country time. I'm hoping there's someone here that can point me in the right direction for our UNIQUE flying world we live in. Thank you.
  12. Heard a student correct the tower the other day cause the tower told us he was an R22 and he comes up, N12345 is an R44 sitting at the approach end.... so we came up and said G12345 is a single AH64 Longbow Apache Attack Helicopter inbound for closed traffic. The tower guy was laughing so hard he could hardly respond. Lmao
  13. For AD there is no difference for what state you're applying in. If you're applying for a states NG street to seat however, almost every state has differences but all must meet the AD requirements at a minimum.
  14. Hmm, I heard it was tougher. I better check my sources.
  15. I'm AZ. And Davis Monthan has an AF reserve HH60 unit also.
  16. Then your state probably doesn't allow street to seat. Unfortunately it's state dependant. My state offers a street to seat route but it's not mandated so it varies by state.
  17. The process sounds okay to me, you have to enlist as a 09W, and go to BCT. Unless you have a certain job in the Air Force, you'll have to complete Army BCT. Then when you're back from that they'll send you off to Rucker when they have a school slot for WOCS as a TDY school. Then you'll come home again, until they send you back as a PCS move for the rest of flight school. They won't screw you out of anything you don't agree with and sign for. Part of your initial enlistment includes an MOS. Make sure it dad 09w before you sign it and you'll be good.
  18. Start here with phone calls or emails. https://www.nationalguard.com/contacts/wosm
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