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  1. Hi Tom! That is awesome! Kandace Lakeshore Helicopter
  2. I just take a digital picture of each page put it in my computer and then burn it to a disc. Kandace
  3. The vast majority of the time, yes. And that includes pre solo students. The owners philosophy is you do what you are trained to do, and in a real engine failure you are going to the ground!
  4. The school were I work and fly does touchdown autos all of time. I probably did 20 before I got my private. Kandace
  5. Not true, I was just at the safety course in April and they stated there are no plans to discontinue production of the R22. Kandace
  6. Hi Everyone! I don't post much but I just had to tell you what a fantastic experience I had at the safety course! It was worth every penny I spent on it. I couldn't believe what a clean factory it is and being able to see heli's being built was awesome. Anybody who hasn't gone should! Oh and I got my picture taken in an R66 Kandace
  7. I would suggest Lakeshore Helicopters in Kenosha, WI as well. The rates are very competitive and the instruction is second to none. I've done the vast majority of my heli training there. Kandace
  8. Where I work....an intro in an R22 is $100 and the same intro in the R44 is $150. If you would like more information PM me as I beleive it is an issue posting flight school info in the forum(?) Kandace
  9. Fantastic! I enjoy autos as well. I'd love to fly an R66! Kandace
  10. Hi Lindsey! I just read your post, fantastic! I do whatever I can for helicopter time. A few weeks ago I helped out with balancing and got 1.9hrs in the 22! I just got my CFII so have been flying the 44 quite a bit as well. I'm in Wisconsin and stuck in the snow right now, but on Thursday I'm headed down to disassemble the 44 for it's annual inspection. They found out I'm mechanically inclined! If you are ever in Wisconsin look me up and I'll do what I can to hook you up with some 22 or 44 time. Take care and good luck. Kandace
  11. On the days I had the ride scheduled it was a high overcast...so I got very lucky. I'm really sitting in the snow now! I'm having to cancel students because of it. Thanks for the congrats!


  12. How did you find time for a checkride in the snow you are getting up there. Congratulations on the CFII.

  13. Thank you all for the kind words. I appreciate it very much. It was probably the most difficult checkride I've taken. The best advice would be to know your stuff on the oral! The flying itself wasn't too bad. Just expect the unexpected. At least that was the case with mine. Kandace
  14. Hi All! I just wanted to take a minute and tell you my good news. As of Sunday the 16th I'm a CFII-Helicopter! Kandace
  15. So, That means it is no longer available anyone other than those that previously had it? I'd have loved to have one but C'est la vie. Thank you, Kandace
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