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  1. At SNA I highly recommend you check out Rogue Aviation...they have an excellent pass rate. www.flyrogue.com My personal observation is that Helistream has moved heavily into Law Enforcement contract training in the last few years and that is their focus.
  2. I saw a hilarious T-shirt once that read: pilots: looking down on everyone else since 1903 Kinda sums it up. Sometimes we are own worst enemy and sometimes people are just jealous.
  3. AOPA is a great resource. If you're seeking one on one with an AME who specializes in working problematic medical issues to finality with the Regional Flight Surgeons then these folks are also an excellent resource. https://www.aviationmedicine.com
  4. The Robinson R44 Raven II has both an engine driven pump and an electrically driven auxiliary pump.
  5. American Heli at Manassas will rent R44 solo after a checkout. Maybe an insurance issue if your cert is JAA (UK) instead of FAA? Anyway I was there recently and favorably impressed with their operation. https://www.americanheli.com/
  6. Keep your current job (unless it makes you miserable) and start flying helicopters tomorrow. Ask yourself "do I really need to be a fire pilot to be happy?" The minus column is huge for an early-40s father/husband with responsibilities just starting out in this field.
  7. Underslung teetering is my least favorite design (still loved my R44 tho)
  8. The East Hampton airport is under review for possible closure by town officials driven by the noise complaints created by the sharp spike in rotorcraft activity since BLADE hit the scene. https://www.newsday.com/long-island/suffolk/east-hampton-airport-noise-reduction-1.18129371 Sad.
  9. I haven't heard any reports of blade cracking or debonding in a few years, and none turned up during the recent AD blade inspection in my circle of R44 owners. Is anyone aware of any recent events?
  10. FFCL placement previously identified as a design hazard... https://www.ntsb.gov/safety/safety-recs/recletters/A-10-131.pdf "As a result of its findings from this investigation, other similar accidents, and reported incidents, the NTSB is concerned that inadvertent movement of the FFCL on certain Eurocopter AS350-series helicopters and other helicopters with similarly designed FFCLs and detent tracks could lead to an engine overspeed event or loss of engine power, which could cause a serious or catastrophic accident if the FFCL movement occurs during a critical point in flight or on the ground."
  11. A thread on the other board claims they have closed the doors for good, anybody have any info?
  12. Well done brother! Very proud of your team
  13. IMHO If it were me..I'd come back and plug into a 0-ATP program just don't plunk all your cash down up front. Get on with a regional pay off the loan with the signing bonus, and soon college degrees will not be a necessity to get hired at the big legacy air carriers. Soon you'll make enough to do your helicopter add-on ratings on the side, and have enough time off to instruct if you are not getting your fill of aviation at the airline. You've had one adventure, life is short why keep reliving the same dream? Good luck to you.
  14. Only one of these threats was deemed hazardous enough to require its own Special FAR. Also, one of the local G2 operators has experienced no issues with ground resonance and I hear that having the skids connected to the fuselage by elastomeric mounts instead of being bolted directly on has reduced ground resonance occurrence. The 300 has some form of skid damping as well correct?
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