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  1. Thanks, I've spoken with Jon recently and unfortunately he is slowing down on the pipeline patrol.
  2. Thanks for all of the responses guys. It's nice to have people on here that are helpful. I'm looking into some options and will hopefully be able to make it happen fairly soon.
  3. I understand all of that and am not asking for any shortcuts. I knew going in that I would need to have at least 200 hours. I'm just curious what everyone else did to get to 200 for the first job.
  4. I'm in the South Eastern PA area and close to Maryland as well. I don't mind traveling for a good opportunity though. That's a very good point. I will look into that and try to get some info on their time building opportunities.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I've noticed that boatpix seems to be looked down upon in the industry. It is a pretty cheap way to build time though. I will look around for some schools with 300's and see what I can find.
  6. Hey guys, I recently got my commercial at 110 hours. I was able to do this since I have previous fixed wing time as well. Anyway, I'm planning on getting my CFI but there will still be a large gap to the 200 hours needed to instruct. I'm running a little low on money and I'm wondering what the best way to build the remaining time would be. Is there a cheap alternative? I feel like I'm so close but I really can't afford to spend $25,000 more right now just to get to 200. It has always been my dream to do this, but I'm considering just getting my fixed wing CFI and going with that route since it would only be a few grand. I know helicopters would always be in the back of my mind and I would always wonder what if. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks again!
  7. Hey Guys, I recently got my private a few months ago and currently have about 50 hours. I learned to fly in an Enstrom 280FX. Overall it is a great helicopter and when flying with an instructor I feel very comfortable with my flying abilities. It's a different story when I'm flying it solo though. I still feel comfortable flying it in general but I feel like I need a lot of work with my hovering. It almost feels like a completely different helicopter which makes hovering a lot harder and I feel like I'm always using a lot of aft cyclic as it constantly wants to move forward. I know this is expected, but I just am not able to be as precise with the helicopter as I am with an instructor and am having trouble getting used to it. The trim system doesn't help as it took me hours to get used to it in the beginning. If the cyclic is just a little out of trim you're constantly fighting it. Are there any tips you guys might have to help get me used to that change when flying it solo?
  8. That would be great if someone knew a good one in the area. I'm in Southeastern PA which is about 40 minutes from Philly. I'm very close to Delaware and northern Maryland as well. I spoke with a great recruiter out in York, PA today who was very helpful and said he'd be happy to do everything he could to help me. It would be worth the hour and a half drive for someone like that.
  9. Thanks a lot guys for all of the encouraging replies. I will of course apply while trying my hardest and doing whatever it takes to be selected. It's nice to hear that the recruiters I spoke with had absolutely no idea about the process or that civilians do in fact get selected. I'm going to start calling other recruiting offices to find someone who is at least willing to try and work with me. This is why I love this forum. Everyone has been very helpful so far and I will keep you all updated throughout the process.
  10. It is definitely worth it to me. I will do everything it takes to try and reach my goal. I'm just making sure that what I was told is wrong. It's good to hear that I do have a chance at the very least. I will be finding another recruiter who is at least willing to help a little bit. Luckily I have all of the forms now so I will start filling them out ASAP. Thanks again everyone! I'm excited to get started.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys! This is a great website for information and everyone is very helpful. I did see the official website and I know that a degree is not required. I just wanted to make sure that I had a chance without it. The recruiters made it seem like the board won't even give someone a look unless they had a degree. I do plan to get my private within the next few months so hopefully that will help. I will hopefully have some more college credits by the end of the spring semester as well. I'll do everything I can to make sure my scores are in the higher range. For the civilians, what is the best way to get in contact with some higher up aviators for recommendation letters? Does my packet have more weight to it if I have a few letters from CW5's?
  12. Hey guys, I'm very interested in pursuing WOFT. I've been reading a lot about it for the past year or so and have finally made the decision to go for it. I'm currently 24 years old with a private instrument fixed wing license. At the moment I'm working on my private helicopter rating and have 20 hours so far. I have about 250 hours tt. Yesterday I walked into a local recruiting office and told them what I wanted to do and they basically all laughed at me and told me how I couldn't do, even before they knew anything about me. The "expert" on the warrant officer program told me that it's almost impossible to get in as a civilian and that it's not worth pursuing. From what I've read I know this is not true at all. I knew more about it then him and even politely proved him wrong quite a few times. I know I have to do most of the work myself and I'm ready to do that. My question to everyone is if this is true. I do not have a college degree which could be my only downfall. He basically said I absolutely need to have it or else I have no chance at all. I would be able to get some good LOR from current aviators, cfi and congressman. Is it worth trying or will not having a degree make my chances of being selected slim. Thanks!
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