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  1. Goldy, Is this in the Piru training area? I haven't heard anything myself, but I am in St. Louis right now as well... Thanks IFlySky5
  2. Hi I agree with the statements made here...and all I can say is I wouldn't want a visit from FSDO after he/she sees the series! Regards, IFlySky5
  3. Hi It really is a form of PIO (pilot induced oscillation) and I guess it could be compared to GR but you don't get ground resonance in all rotor systems...but we already know that. Air & Space Ground Resonance PIO or Pilot error would be the box I'd check off Regards, IFlySky5
  4. Hi Too bad we are in a "sweeps" month here...I might have actually gotten the station to approve SKY 5 attending this as well! Murphy's law prevails again Hopefully next time Regards, IFlySky5
  5. Hi I've been intrigued by what our local Enstrom guru had to say about this mutant...so I looked around here on the net and found something that completely contradicts what I was told about this aircraft. So I took my new found evidence to him. He went on to tell me that Enstrom did in fact produce this aircraft, and that the other non-Enstrom was indeed not the ship that was being offered in auction on Ebay. The other privately produced turbine does/did exist and had a very similar appearance, which was a cause to his confusion between the two! Along with the less than ideal images... Any way here is what I could find out! It is a Enstrom 280L Hawk Only one flyable aircraft was produced, another was a proof of concept mock up (Which I believe is the ship that was offered in auction, I say this because the flying ship had true Enstom landing gear and this one has tubular gear) The rear cabin doors are tracked and actually slide open on the flying ship...this one doesn't appear to have those tracks and leads one to believe it is the POC mock up. Any way! Here is a pic of her flying...back in 1978! Regards, IFlySky5
  6. Hi The only operation I know of in the mid-south is: Helicopters Incorporated Hope this link helps you get some information Regards, IFlySky5
  7. Hi I would have to guess that the operators are looking at and using these minimum numbers because their insurance provider is setting them on the policy. I suspect that some operators will set the minimums higher than the what the insurance provider would have as well. Most flights are going to be part 135 while some might be part 91. Part 135 requires a bit more from the operator to comply with to keep that certificate. And generally that operator wants a pilot who is checked out already with a 135 check ride. I flew tours in L.A. on a part time basis and it isn't super demanding flying. Since we would discuss segments of the flight with the passengers (Over Sunset Strip now and moving on to Downtown Hollywood...that kinda thing) it helped to have some people skills. There wasn't much demand for a full time tour pilot and operator in the greater L.A. area, the last one I knew of was AlexAir flying from the Ports 'O Call village at the L.A. harbor. I fly on that tour as a kid in a 500C! Just some of my thoughts on the minimums and flying tours... Regards, IFlySky5
  8. Hi I have been told by our local Enstrom guru that this was a one off turbine ship, and not built by Enstrom. It was built by a family in New Jersey, and was built prior to the 480B concept come to fruition. Our guru actually saw it fly back when! It had a Allison C-18 that was rearward mounted with the compressor intake facing toward the tail boom. The front cabin and tail boom were F28, the mid-section was a complete fabrication. Were the original recip engine lived, a side to side baggage compartment was installed, with the wooden floorboard that can be clearly seen in one of the pictures. In that same picture you can see the idler pulley that linked the turbine to the drive system. This was a one off...sadly it looks like it was sent out to pasture for salvage! Regards, IFlySky5
  9. Hi There aren't too many things I miss about flying in SoCal...but events like this is one of them! Goldy if you attend be sure to get pics for us. Regards, IFlySky5
  10. Hi Summit Helicopters @ Whiteman Airport in Pacomia, CA operates what was originally the "Screaming Mimi" from the TV show "Riptide" N9VY S-58T Regards, IFlySky5
  11. Hi First off do you have the visor housing that accepts the mount? or are you just looking for the mount itself? The standard visor housing on the SPH-4 & 5 do not allow for the mount. The 5CG allows for a quick mount and dismount of the NVG mount by means of a spring loaded retention system. Where most SPH-4 & 5's are a semi-permanent mounting to the visor housing. My helmet collection The part numbers for the mount are as follows: P/N A3260913 for HGU-56/P helmet P/N 3151AS150-1 for HGU-84/P helmet P/N 271073-1 for SPH-4 AF/B and SPH-5 helmets These will work with AN/AVS-9 (ITT F4949 Series) systems Regards, IFlySky5
  12. Hi Wow terrific shots...thanks for sharing them! IFlySky5
  13. Hi The techniques listed should be tried...will work for some and not for others! Time will be the one certain thing that will bring you to a comfortable level on the controls. Keep flying and remind yourself to relax, relax your body. Kinda make it part of your scan as well after the panel sweep, ask yourself are you white knuckling on the collective and cycle...if so relax your hands and let the rest of your body follow. Don't go so limp you aren't flying anymore...! Find your own balance. You don't need so much muscle and grip to fly the aircraft in most cases it creates a adverse control effect. Relax and have fun...it will happen in time! Regards, IFlySky5
  14. Hi I'll fly whatever my employer puts on the contract. There are a lot of open ended variables with such a question...way too many to list in all honesty! There isn't the all encompassing machine that solves/fits the customer/contract requirements. That's why there are so many models and manufacturers around the world building a variety of machines to fill specific niches. My personal preference would be Bell, and it is just that as a pilot...a personal preference. IFlySky5
  15. Hi Helicodger Thanks for the link and heads up on the article! I remember sending this link to the station manager and news director of my station while not the first one...a first in another way!: ENG helicopter goes on display at Newseum Regards, IFlySky5
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