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  1. That's EXACTLY the test I had. The pictures were HORRIBLE.
  2. Thanks! I'm glad I took the time to go over everything beforehand and tried to prepare myself as best as I could. I am scheduling the flight physical with my recruiter sometime this week so I'm assuming it should be in the next few weeks!
  3. Passed the MEPS physical but almost had a hangup issue with my BP. I'm currently sick with a flu type bug (perfect timing) and have been loading up on DayQuil and whatnot. Apparently that drove my BP up to an average of 151/98 over 3 tries. When the Doc called me back to go over my history he said it was probably the DayQuil and the illness but he rechecked it and I was good with a 128/80 and all cleared. My normal BP is around that, and was just checked last week at my docs office. Anyways, I'm all cleared and now just waiting to go back to the hotel and do some final cramming for the AFAST. Here goes nothin! Edit: Test is done and graded. Scored a 131! Thanks to everyone for all the resources they shared with me! You guys have sure been a huge help! Cheers, Matthew
  4. Update 10/28: Got a call from my recruiter today. PRK paperwork FINALLY cleared for my MEPS physical. Going for the physical 11/7 and AFAST on 11/8. Wish me luck I will post results when I get them! Cheers, Matthew
  5. Great info for us guys hoping to get in. Sheds some light onto what can *hopefully* be coming up for us in the near future. Great post.
  6. Use the search key for my PRK post. Lots of info in that.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. Makes me at ease a little bit knowing I wasn't lie to haha. Anyways, got a call from the recruiter today after he checked the med log. Apparently, MEPS wants to see the EXACT same paperwork that we faxed them for the initial med read. Silly, he said, but oh well. September 7th is the date they want the paperwork faxed back and then 72 hours after that I can schedule MEPS physical. I guess the only good thing is I should be able to do even better on the AFAST. Will continue to update. Thanks for the support! Cheers, Matthew
  8. Frustrated as hell. Was all ready to leave for MEPS to take the AFAST yesterday. Showed up at the recruiter station and they said now that they just found out I can't take the AFAST until I have my MEPS physical completed. WTH? I feel like I am getting jerked around. They are a great group of guys it just seems like they can't get the logistical stuff down. To be fair, the recruiter I am working with just got placed as the station commander as the new one got ousted and they are all in a whirlwind of delegating who does what now. It just sucks because of my work schedule it's damn near impossible to schedule two days off in a row for MEPS (2 hours away) since they only offer the AFAST on the second tuesday of each month. This is the second month in a row where something scheduling wise got screwed up. Apparently, they are waiting on my med read to come back before I can go get my MEPS physical (PRK). As soon as this happens I'll be on my way, finally after 3 months. Not bashing the guys, just the circumstances. Will keep everyone posted. Cheers, Matthew
  9. Thanks for the replies. Found some good ones. Unfortunately, the FAA Rotorcraft Handbook doesn't have any of the airport operations. Loads of good information, as I read and read all day long. Thanks again! I will update with my score next week or as soon as I find out! Cheers, Matthew
  10. Does anyone have a good website or free resource that I can use that will help me with airport procedures for the helicopter knowledge section for the AFAST? I have been going over the practice test a few times a day and I think I have all of those questions memorized but I'm clueless since I'm not a pilot about those things. For example, what colors do the lights on the runway indicate. One practice question was what does a red blinking light at an airport mean? I googled some of that stuff but I can't find a good single website that goes over all of that stuff. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, Matthew
  11. Cleared things up with the recruiter, looks like he was just misinformed. Will be heading to MEPS on August 1st and having the physical August 2nd. The following week I will head back to MEPS for the AFAST Test. Took the AFAST Arco practice test only doing the content questions (skipped the description and background questions). Of the 100 content questions, I scored correctly on 85 of them. Missed only 1 of the 40 complex movement questions though, so I felt good about that! Anyways, not a long update but things are scheduled. Until then, working on my PT like crazy, which sucks. My 2 mile time is HORRIBLE and I started interval training today. Pushups/Situps as well. Will post after I hear AFAST scores or if problems with MEPS physical (PRK in March). Cheers, Matthew
  12. I am! Going for the MEPS physical on August 2nd and then the AFAST on August 9th. Have been going over the ARCO book a lot and also have been reading, re-reading and highlighting the FAA Rotorcraft Manual. Took the practice test in the ARCO book and based on content questions (no background or self description) I score correctly on 85/100 questions. Dunno what that means or if that's a good start, but I only missed 1 question on the complex movements! And yes I timed myself on the test and didn't cheat to fill more in! Hope it's a good start. We'll see. Been posting on my forum of my progress, will update around the second week of August! Cheers, Matthew
  13. Hey Everyone, I'm getting ready to take the AFAST and wanted to brush up on my helicopter knowledge section since I don't have my PPL or anything like that. I've heard the ASA Helicopter Fundamentals Virutal Test Prep DVD is good and covers just about everything. I wasn't sure if any of you on this forum have used it or would recommend it? Or does anyone have a copy that they could loan me? I could cover shipping costs both ways. They are relatively expensive and I don't mind getting it, but thought I would check here first to see if anyone had it or thought it was or wasn't useful. If you have any knowledge about it I'd appreciate your input! Cheers, Matthew
  14. That's exactly what I was thinking. Oh well. He maybe was told by his superiors otherwise for whatever reason. Just frustrating because I wanted to get the MEPS physical knocked out of the park. I work 12 hour shifts in an ER so it's damn near impossible to try and get the two days off in a row to get up there. Life goes on I guess, gives me plenty of time to prepare! New date for AFAST is August 9th!
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