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  1. Yeah I'm one of the pilots for Source Helicopters. We're Roger's powerline division. I can pass the pictures on for you if you'd like.
  2. My buddy flies a 44 out of Merritt Island. I used to live down there. What 44 work you got going on down there?
  3. Planes never crossed my mind. I have zero interest in them. If I didn't fly helicopters, I wouldn't fly planes for a living, but that's just me. They bore me to be honest.
  4. Get your money back, trying to sell hours is ridiculous. I would threaten them that you are going to smear bad publicity about them all over these forums if they don't give you back what's yours (if the lawyer thing doesn't work). Please don't back down about this. I wouldn't be worried about burning this bridge at all. The whole thing just sounds ridiculous!!!! P.S. I posed the question of refunds to them on their facebook page!
  5. Wow, you made one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Did you do any research on here or just dive right in?? Don't see why they can't give you you're money back. You had already been training for three years? Hmmm
  6. I got into utility at around 800 hours, never did tours. You may get a lucky break depending on who you get to know, etc. Networking is a big part of it all. There are plenty of tour operators in NY city. I know at least 5. That's not too far from home. I wouldn't be too worried about staying close to home though because more than likely, at some stage during your experience building, you will get a job that is the opposite side of the country.
  7. You'd be better off putting your effort into getting your CFII, a paid job as an instructor and plenty of flight time. Then a utility company will pay you large amounts of money, when you get the appropriate experience, to fly for them. Don't waste your time on an "internship", your resume won't look much better for it.
  8. Besides all the stuff that has been talked about here, I would also advise to do your best to get out of the military mindset for the civilian world. Especially if you get into non-government type work like tours, teaching, offshore, utility, etc. I've met a lot of guys that still thought they were in the military and it didn't go down too well. Just a head's up!
  9. Do you just sit around and write stupid sh*t to annoy us or is this for real? We follow the highway like anyone else does. How else do we see the signs? We normally stay at around 50-100ft to avoid the flow of fixed wing traffic and then ascend, keeping that height off the ground, as we reach the rockies. It pretty easy until you miss a highway sign, then we gotta land at a gas station, refuel with 87 octane that we can only burn for a few hours and do our best to make it there before they are only serving breakfast at Mickey D's!!!
  10. No such thing as a smooth transition here I'm afraid. You will have to 14 written exams and a checkride to EASA standards, which is a little different than FAA. Give Bristow Academy a call and they may be able to help you out. It's a pain int he ass too. Have you a visa for Europe?
  11. Yeah you kind of screwed the pooch by doing all your training in a 44, your gonna need a certain amount of hours in a 22 to teach in it because, more then likely, thats the airframe you will be in. Is this all out of pocket or GI Bill?
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