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  1. Thanks for the input. "R44... much more reliable..." Really? Noticably more reliable than Enstrom?? I've honestly never heard anybody say that - even hardcore Robinson fans - but I'm all ears where dependability and maintenance experience/advice is concerned! Can you (or anybody else reading) elaborate or give me some specifics??? Thanks again!
  2. This forum is awesome. You guys have no idea how much I appreciate the comments and input! I continue to be struck (and not just in this thread) by how Enstrom owners/flyers defend Enstroms with glowing positive praise… and conversely how often Robinson owners/flyers defend Robinsons pragmatically at best, and all too frequently defensively. Reminds me of the old saying... nobody ever got fired for picking IBM (i.e. the market dominator - just for market domination's sake)!!! Clay, I really appreciate your experience with both and your even-keeled, objective tone. Here’s a question for you that I’d love an answer to: IF you did not want to teach and IF you only wanted to use it for personal use - - and I offered to give you a brand new R44 or a brand new Enstrom (piston) - - which one would you opt for??
  3. I am about to begin my helicopter training and trying to decide between the R-44 (not even considering the 22) & Enstrom. Were I planning/hoping to make a living flying helicopters one day or hoping to accrue hours teaching, would be easier – would have to give the nod to Robinson due to their market dominance. I do NOT ever see me doing that. I do see me eventually buying an R-44 or a F28F and flying it for personal transport and/or recreation – but again, not vocation. I’ll admit I’m leaning toward the Enstrom. Love that big, heavy, fully articulated main rotor system. I’m willing to pay a little extra, go a little slower and burn a little more fuel for added safety - - that said, my posting here is a ready admission of the fact that what little I know about either of these helicopters is purely academic at this point and maybe I need to be considering things I’m not even aware of - - that’s where I hope the replies help. Any recollection of relevant experience with these ships and/or general advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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