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  1. Yes, that's it. Thank you so very much. I've looked everywhere except the Bell Safety Program guides. And yes, it's a sad and very sobering look at a crash. Thanks again.
  2. All, Some time back, a pilot named Rick Westra wrote a very moving piece about his tragic 2010 accident in Colorado involving a helicopter wire strike and the resulting crash that left himself seriously injured and his wife perished. The story was written as a safety tribute in one of our helicopter publications but for some reason I cannot locate the story now. Does anyone out there have a link to the op-ed that Mr. Westra penned? I've searched a lot and can't come up with the copy. And assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I disagree with about three fourths of what you posted. Inadvertent IMC isn't always due to "failing to pay enough attention and/or not thinking". It also doesn't always result from "turning your brain off and flying stupidly". If you're on a long cross country, over inhospitable terrain, miles from no where and without the possibility of landing, things sometime happen that foil the best of planning. Try a long flight over the Adirondacks and tell me how "stupid" you are when you run into dimishing visual conditions and low ceilings {while the nearest ATIS (50 miles away) reports clear skies} with nothing under you but trees and steep terrain. I agree sometimes pilots do foolish things, but I also know at times inadvertent IMC isn't what you characterize. Read #2 definition shown below... Merriam-Webster Full Definition of INADVERTENT 1 : not focusing the mind on a matter : inattentive 2 : unintentional <an inadvertent omission> — in·ad·ver·tent·ly adverb I've gone IIMC and thank God I live today. But I wasn't being stupid or careless or not paying attention. Sometimes events unfold without warning.
  4. If he offered you a free week of flying, why not take him up on it? Do you think you'll get there and he will stand you up? I can't see how you can blame the guy on low bird activity. They did tell you just before your trip that things were not looking good, didn't they? Next time maybe invest in travel insurance or reservations that are refundable. When things go wrong, the first place to check is the mirror.
  5. Offered inexpensive R44 time here a year ago. We have had guys from Ohio, N.J. and PA fly our R44. Please call 434-841-8405 if you are interested in time building. $195 per hour, dry. If you need a CFI, rate is $220 per hour. Our CFI is a high time Gulf of Mexico pilot.
  6. Just checking to see if you were gonna commit libel again, and this time sign your name to it.
  7. No, the reason the 5 own the 95 is because they think I.e. use their brains. They are also keen to thinkers with new ideas instead of the nearly constant barrage of naysayers. There's a new guy who began another thread in another area of this website looking to buy his own helicopter and possibly use it for business. You'd have thought he inquired about drowning puppies. So many there had nothing but negative stories and "I wouldn't do THAT if I were you" replies. It's sad. We are a nation of proctors. Drive through San Jose and scream out the window "You're wasting your time!" to all the entrepreneurs who most certainly are not wasting their time and you'll get weird looks as if to say: "Who says I'm wasting my time?" Try thinking positively AND productively and try to gather around smart, eager people who want to go places instead of the ney sayers who cannot wait to shoot your big idea down. Stay away from stupid and RUN from negatives.
  8. I wonder where else in the US one can lease an R44 with instructor for less than $300 an hour? I disagree, that is pretty inexpensive. Particularly with no minimum hours. I had a guy from Ohio come down for two weeks and flew about 60 or 70 hours. Two different folks from NY who stayed about ten days and flew about 20 hours each. We have another maybe slated for June. Most of the flying is around Central Virginia, Myrtle Beach, etc. Wherever you want to go.
  9. There was a ten dollar difference. At the time I couldn't figure out how to edit the post. How many aircraft do you own? Zero, I'd wager.
  10. I know a guy who received two DUI convictions in consecutive years and still did ok. Dick Cheney. Two-term Vice President of The United States of America.
  11. You only posted a snippet of my entire post. The part you quoted in its entirety said:"To the posters here who have made fun of my offer: pick up the phone and call. But please do not make demeaning posts about my offer....I have had three pilots lease from me, so again, pick up the phone and call." My point was obvious. I'm listing my phone number, so before someone intimates that my offer isn't legit, couldn't they simply call me? But then, that wouldn't be any fun, would it? Nah, they'd rather post crass remarks about something or someone they know nothing about. And furthermore, I'm not trying to "come across" as anything. This forum is called "Helicopter Ferry Flights, Time Building, and Flying Clubs". I see nothing about Free Flying in that title, do you? Last thing to you, Falko: My number is clearly posted above, making it very easy to get my name. So if I were you I'd be very, very careful about making libelous comments. And you made a big one. Don't post things that are not true. Bad, bad idea.
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