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  1. Flew with somebody recently, he had the Bose A20 powered panel model then bought both adapter cords. This way he can fly powered panel not using his batteries or stick batteries in and fly heli/ga. The zulu 2 powered panel has no place for batteries as far as I know, so you can't use them with an adapter cord if you still want ANR. If it were me I'd consider the bose just for this. I have the zulu 1 and love it but being able to run powered panel is a very nice option.
  2. Yup, people are desperate to get cheap hours.
  3. Yup. http://www.helicoptersonly.com/contents/en-us/d178.html
  4. Hmm, I couldn't even get anyone from there to return an email/call. Guess it's because I didn't have any money to give them.
  5. Make the instructors work 80 hour work weeks?? They were all probably ready and willing...Gotta pay the bills!
  6. btw, shop around first, I got my 96c in pristine condition for $200 on ebay with a bunch of accessories.
  7. Get all your certificates then worry about a gps, you don't need it for training...learn the basics first. However when you are ready I love my garmin 96c with a suction ram mount....battery seems to last forever, screen is plenty big, color moving map, all radio frequencies programmed in...dunno the point of it but it'll do a gps approach to.
  8. ^^ try setting it to 720p....he was redlining that sucker the whole time.
  9. ^^ I had a student that couldn't fly with his shoes on, always left em in the hangar and put two pair of socks on....I made him try with shoes on once, wasn't pretty...
  10. When I first started watching it I thought, what is everyone talking about, seems like a nice ride.....then I kept watching....I can't believe he wasn't wearing a seatbelt while doing 80-90* banks. Still looked like a fun ride.
  11. I dunno, the picture looks misleading to me...he/she could have been a 100ft on the other side of the house flying over the lake....it's only one angle so you can't tell....The neighbors could have mistook the sound for being alot closer. Or hey, my chip light was flickering!
  12. Good luck with the sale but fyi, I picked up one of those adapters when I stated flying for ~$20...this isn't a powered plug to single plug conversion is it? Those are expensive.
  13. Ya, before boarding an aircraft, you can serve alcohol on a flight though....who said he appeared to be drunk anyways??? I can have quite a few and not appear to be drunk at all.
  14. Just wondering if there are any helo pilot organizations that give some sort of discount on health insurance. It would cost almost $500/mo to add me to my wifes insurance, which I can't afford. My current health insurance doesn't allow any doctors visits and has a $2500 deductible, which is really hard to swallow. Both of my jobs I'm considered a sub-contractor or self employed so no luck through work. So who do you guys use? I check aopa, they don't seem to offer anything to members. Thanks
  15. Good to see some people with a heart...amazed the news channel let him do it, however I guess the publicity outweighs the risks for them.
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