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  1. They changed the rules for URL and RL for numbers. Simply came down to a numbers game that they didn't want to mess with anymore. Current CWO's were given pretty damn good options to transition to LT or stay CWO's and ride it out, or go LDO to AMDO.
  2. 1. One of my pilots is in the Reserves, and it's generally pretty easy to work around a schedule. It's also easy for him to work around his drill if I can't get coverage, or need the help. 2. How you're viewed as an asset is purely dictated by your customer service and flying skills. 3. All "should" be the same... I'm biased though 4. Doesn't matter 5. Network! Go visit bases and talk with the base managers and lead pilots.
  3. Here are your "basic" Hawk limits, its fresh in my mind because I just did aircraft comparisons for that class: OEI Service CLG: 3700ft Hovering OGE: 4300ft Service CLG: 20000ft Just because thats the "limits' doesn't mean it's going to do it either.... what are the engines at? .9 or 1.0? a lot of factors.
  4. What is the "sectional" everyone is speaking of?
  5. FAA certification is expected in September, and is on track. As soon as validation is received, the aircraft will then be upgraded to the C30 as well as a cockpit modernization, and some other small upgrades.
  6. August 15-19, Leonardo/Finmeccanica/AgustaWestland will have the AW009 (old SW4) in Nashville for demo flights. The aircraft will be at John C Tune (KJWN) If you are interested in a demo or have questions, shoot me a message. Short and sweet, but thats the way it should be!
  7. Salaika Aviation... I think he still does some stuff. He's just outside of Houston between EFD and Brazoria County. Tim Salaika Enstroms
  8. Thanks for the feedback, you just never know! Cheers
  9. I was never a flight instructor in helicopters, fixed wing only. But I assume it's your basic general helicopter knowledge? Thanks for the reply!
  10. If someone can help me with the following, that would be great!! I'm just looking for general knowledge and info, unless you have specifics. 1. Phoenix interview - just general overall process, need to know stuff 2. Part 135 test - what does this consist of, what to study, etc 3. Initial Flght Interview - see above Any other info that is good to know/prepare for before going. Thanks!
  11. Sounds like you may be talking about the Ozark, AL area... just guessing. But it won't go away (obviously nothing is ever guaranteed). It receives a lot of DHS funding because they service more than just that county, it reaches about 14-15 counties and even the coast.
  12. I tallied about 1800 in just over 6 years, as MTP and 2 deployments
  13. While I technically wasn't in a flight class, my IP's were from Stingray and we occasionally sat in on the briefings. Faust was def hard, but I always liked having the hardest instructor.. makes the stage check that much easier.
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