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  1. What kind of Bike do you have?? I ride down to Panama City from Tallahassee a good bit.
  2. Do you happen to know which MOS he went to AIT for?? Just curious because i'm looking at 15P at the moment. I feel it might help a little in Flight School.
  3. Correct you do have to be a member of the Guard..I am a member because I signed up as an 09S Mos which is an officer candidate..But since I came over from the Air Force my AFSC didnt convert over to Army MOS... I boarded last month for WOFT and was selected. However for 09S you don't need an MOS to go to OCS, but for WOCS (in the guard) you have to be MOS qualified. It's got me a little confused as well.
  4. Yeah when the Aviaition Recruiter told me about AIT I thought he was incorrect. But It seems like in the guard they do it like that. Ratinale was "Because to go to WOCS you have to have to be MOS qualified." It seems really a waste of money and resources but that's what the government does.
  5. Just found out today I was selected WOFT with GA Army National Guard. Being prior AF I have to go to AIT first since my AF AFSC didn't transfer over to Army but it's worth it. Thanks to everyone who poste questions on this forum very informative.
  6. Does anyone know a contact at Ft. Rucker to get an LOR from an Senior CWO? I live about an hour from there and can easily drive. Thanks in advance Crosby
  7. Yeah one way to not get selected is to not submit it. Thanks Guys
  8. Ok got my results from the afast got a 90..I'm nervous after reading the article about raising the standards. I have a PPL with 92 hours too, so i don't know what happened on hte AFAST. So basically just wanted to know if you guys think I still have a good chance with an associates degree 2,6 gpa, PPL 92 hours, 117 GT score, and a fu*** 90 on my AFAST.
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