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    Remembering when I used to admire the city lights and coastal sunsets from a thousand feet, alone in the 22 :(

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  1. So, my R22 flight review just expired,...now there's a sentence I never thought I'd say.😥 Anyway, here's a video I took once of what I used to like to do with the little guy. Sorry the quality sucks,...just pretend you're near sighted and forgot your glases. 🤣
  2. Well, I'll give you a hint,... Its overcrowded, overpriced, overregulated,...and apparently only the lower half ever gets the mcrib.
  3. Sure, I walked out. Thing is, as much an a**hole as Freddy is, there are around a dozen entry level guys willing to, "suck it up and bear through,.." his bullshit season after season after season. So what does that really say about me,...?
  4. Sorry Foot, but old butters has been defeated
  5. Just a few minutes ago I was at the top of a ladder picking hard to reach figs from my father's fig tree. ,...and I couldn't help but think of you Bob.
  6. Well, I never became a CFI so my point of view on these types of questions has always been from a guy who has to open his wallet everytime he speaks with your kind,...and you guys are expensive, so,... Just teach me what I need to know to pass the test, if I want to learn more, I know where the library is! Personally I liked the Jeppesson Private Pilot Manual for all that "other stuff" (like what we need to know about vision and physiology) but, if its not in the FAA book don't worry about it. Keep it simple,...and relevant!
  7. Last time I talked with these guys they said the first three months were "unpaid". then $20/hr (not clock hour) thereafter. I don't know if they still do it that way, but this is as close to an upaid "internship" as I have ever seen. By the way, this is a recent ad,...you just have to wade through three pages of HEMS ads to find it.
  8. Yes, this is a pretty f*cked up industry. I do wonder though, what the passengers would say after one of those five minute flights over the beach, if they learned that their pilot had just made only 0.83 cents for his efforts? ,...yeah, it takes a while to come to grips with just how little we are worth in the beginning.
  9. What exactly is your complaint here? That the R44 should only be flown by experienced pilots? - or - That a pilot who is willing to fly for $10 bucks an hour must be a lousy pilot? ,...because I gotta tell ya. If I were in Florida making a good living off of my dream job (monorail driver) then I would take this job ('cause the sh*t pay wouldn't matter) just to get some air time for an hour or so every week,...and I am neither an experienced nor lousy pilot! Just because this industry treats its young like dog sh*t, doesn't mean we are dog sh*t!
  10. Now that I can no longer fly for fun, it seems that if I ever want to fly again, I have to get hired to do so,...which sucks balls 'cause I really don't want a flying career anymore! I would actually love to take this job, a part-time flying gig sounds great, but $10-$15 bucks a day! Even when I had just one months experience driving a semi I was able to get a part-time job driving one just four hours a day for $100 bucks a day! I realise R44 tour operations aren't huge money makers and entry level pilots have to pay their dues and all, but we should be worth more than a burger flipper!,...or at least equal to an entry level truck driver! ,...shouldn't we? I don't know,...if the job included a place to stay, then,...maybe I could make it work?
  11. June 4th,...yep, that was it, the last time I got to fly just for fun. I still kinda remember it, a nice fogless night, sliver of an orange moon behind the city. If I had only known it was my last flight I'd of stayed up a bit longer Anyway about a month or so later (just as I was perusing the forecasts for a good night to go up again) the school I had been renting from for the past eight years abruptly closed its doors. ,...and that was that There's only one school left in the area with a 22 and well, long story short, they'll only rent to me if I get my own renter's insurance. Just got the quote from AOPA and now my one hour a month in the 22 will be for the price of a 44! So that's it, can't afford to fly anymore Sixteen and a half years of flying, where all I had to do was send a text, "Can I get a 22 tonight?",..."keys in the box, have a good flight" Guess I had a good run. There's an off shore flow right now, that's the best time for a doors off night ride around one of the most beautiful cities in the world,...oh well.
  12. Well, if it were me, I'd combine those first two sentences thusly; ",.when I became an entrepreneur and established my own business". ,...but I was a "C" student in English, so,...
  13. It isn't as much a "baby flare" as its simply getting the ship level before you flare. Try that?
  14. Well, I know that in an R44 55kts is the best rate of climb speed, which means it is also the speed at which drag is the least. Therefore going faster and/or slower requires more power! What I don't get is why you would check to see if you have enough power to land off airport by using the speed which requires the least amount of power?
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