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  1. ALSE officer (ALSO) Hearing conservation officer Plus more we both forgot
  2. You will save yourself exponentially more than 5 hours if youre able to just do it at Rucker.
  3. Ive offered to send the original .doc to anyone wanting to update it but no one stepped up. Since then Ive replaced my computer and dont have the .doc, just the pdf. But please, feel free to update. Lots of stuff has changed. Hell, everything involving an aircraft has changed.
  4. Attention to detail, candidate!
  5. Jackson typically. But you will be a holdover at Rucker, not BCT.
  6. I get triggered every time I see this thread title.
  7. Take Mikes help. His feedback is always spot on.
  8. This. Waiverable with an exception to policy. You will have to do the in cockpit evaluation and prove you can reach everything thats important (not just controls). Thats if you fail any of those measurements.
  9. There is an APL for LASIK and PRK and the pre surgery refraction limits. I highly recommend either of the two surgeries.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/rotarytoairlinesgroup/ For anyone thinking about this route or just wanting to get more info.
  11. This thread isnt a discussion thread, its a stats-only thread. Take the discussion stuff elsewhere.
  12. No problem. I was just about to come in here and delete my comment actually because it was a bit brutal. It is very good that you are receptive to feedback and not taking criticism personally. Demonstrates resilience and maturity. If you can translate that to your essay (while drastically reducing the length), you will be successful.
  13. You trying to beat my record? Damn dude.
  14. And why in hell does the mobile version of this forum delete all of my punctuation?
  15. Way, way too casual. This reads more like a crossover between a novel and a Tinder profile. Drop the Jason Bourne reference, the aviators reference, and the snazzy uniform stuff. It overall reads as someone who is both immature and full of themselves. Youre not writing a 30 page op-ed on yourself. You are speaking to a board of accomplished Senior Warrant Officers and explaining why you deserve a slot. It needs to be 1/5 of the length, at most. Theres no way in hell you will fit that on a single page unless youre including a magnifying glass with your packet.
  16. Is uh...she still in charge of assignments for new aviators? Or a different guy? I heard she finally got fired due to so many ICE complaints, but you know how rumors go. Because that could explain your class having some good luck with that.
  17. For duty stations, expect a 0% chance you will get anything on your dreamsheet. Then you wont be disappointed.
  18. (d)Logging of solo flight time. Except for a student pilot performing the duties of pilot in command of an airship requiring more than one pilot flight crewmember, a pilot may log as solo flight time only that flight time when the pilot is the sole occupant of the aircraft. - 14 CFR 61.51
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