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  1. I'd get your ATP and work for the S92 gig. When your buddies have lives and air conditioning you feel like you are missing out.
  2. Don't worry about avbug. His mom's basement is always an employment position. He doesn't have to worry about any bridges. Just the stairs making too much noise when his mom brings him pizza bites.
  3. It's a Nintendo Duck hunt one from the NES days since he hasn't left the basement. Type rated in everything on Microsoft flight sim.
  4. I swapped helicopters, Bantam GPS with an older lightbar and no problems. The settings for current unit are 20HZ. I'm going to save the pilot setting from current unit and input them to old. We have an L model with the L7 lightbar and its doing the same thing.
  5. AvBug, where do you work. We're still waiting. I think it's been two years now...
  6. Hahahahaha! AvBug is going to need to get a pallet of Aloe for that burn! It's hard to think from the lack of vitamin D in his brain. Spends too much time in his mom's basement.
  7. I've been guilty of being an ass to Avbug but he is full of nonsense but it seems the forums lost its discussion and development of ideas and turned into too much, I'm right and you're wrong. That gets old real fast.
  8. If Ag is your goal then follow your dreams. Every person is different. I was very lucky and got trained up the first season. It's a lifestyle more than a job. I don't see family, friends or many days off during the season but I have 5 months off during the winter. I work for a company that mostly sprays timber. I think anyone is going to respect a pilot that can work 14 hour days in the heat, doing 70-100 landings a day off a truck at max gross weight. I fly about 500-700 hours a year, I think it's a good time builder. The chemicals are a huge aspect. The price of Chems far outweighs the application cost. The farmer, grower doesn't care about how fast you turn, just the straight line you make over the field. Every application we do gets downloaded and sent to the grower on a log file. We send them a printout of the shape file and where we applicated along with the shape file they sent us. The money is great but only with time. Plus you can give your 135 friends crap. You know, with their air conditioning, duty days and schedule... Oh wait....
  9. Did you fly with Dan? I can't be the quality instructor you speak of. I can see in the grand scheme of things, in the utility market the 22 is about as useless as it could get but every helicopter has filled a niche and is useful in its own way. My jetranger feels useless when it's 104 out.
  10. Woah. So useless you got ratings in it? As a former Robbie Ranger I have to take issue with this statement. A 22 wasn't built to fight fires. It was to provide cheap and safe flight for 2 people. I think it fills that use pretty well. You can compare it to a S92 and call the Robby useless but that's like comparing the clap to AIDS.
  11. Lol, Orly... spike, you are now Al Gore, the Internet is yours.
  12. Give AvBug a few days. It's hard to work out of your mom's basement.
  13. I use a gentler version of a quick stop going back to truck as Pohi spoke of. I usually hit top speed and have a point where I begin a very long decel. I get to the truck, flare and level and if all goes well I'm about 5 ft up and 5 ft back from the loading deck. I make sure to enter it smooth and give the rotor rpm a gentle ride. This is my technique. There is a pilot I fly with that flares hard every time as if it were a quick stop. Ag has the benefit of going back to truck very, very light though. We have all seen the pilots sling Christmas trees. That's some she i it right thur.
  14. I don't have to be right but I'm near certain it works haha. Until the Feds lock me up I'm probably going to keep on trucking. I just need to get rich so I don't have to fly the Robby for fun anymore. Someday..... It is nice to see so many people good with regulations. Where were these students when u taught?! Da hell?!?
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