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  1. Accidents like these are also a reminder how perilous it can be owning and running a small business. Hopefully they'll be able to get another R44 in there even temporarily to cover what can potentially be a large loss of revenue while things get sorted out. Things can be tough when a small business relies on only a few major or key assets and something bad happens. Speaking from experience it's always nice to grow out of challenges like these and be stronger because of it and I'm sure HeliOps will come out on top.
  2. http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_18021861 Thankfully it sounds like no one was injured! Hope everyone is up and flying again soon!
  3. Absolutely! You can also attend my NVG course. There is nothing like driving a Ferrari under NVG's!!
  4. I need to move my Ferrari from Los Angeles to Boston so I can teach people how to drive it there. Any young seventeen year old needing cross country driving experience want to pay me $199 / hour to drive my car on the trip. I'll even be so generous as to provide the fuel. Since it's a Ferrari we may have maintenance issues along the way so you'll get experience with new mechanics. As an added bonus you'll get to hear 100's of new radio stations which you wouldn't hear driving up and down your local freeway. Perhaps once we are finished with the trip you will be insurable and employable as a valet!!!
  5. Living simple is the way to go. That way you can throw all your possessions into your Honda Civic and be at that new job in 24 hours! Just avoid the cheap sunglasses with plastic lenses though. They dilate your pupils exposing you to more UV rays... can't fly if you can't see.... protect those puppies..
  6. Congrats MileHi.... I've been drooling over that one on the Controller website for like two years now! Glad to see it headed back into the air! Have fun and fly safe....
  7. Now let me send you over to my "Mind Reading" blog. I heard when learning to hover all I needed to do was "think about" moving the cyclic and it would just happen, lol....
  8. Here is a link to a pilot's blog. She blogs extensively about her flying and running her helicopter business. The blog is a wealth of information and I recommend you reading through a lot of it if you're just starting out. Part 135 Info: http://www.aneclecticmind.com/2010/04/29/getting-a-part-135-certificate/
  9. I think this is the episode where Batman officially "jumped the shark"! Pop Culture Reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumping_the_shark
  10. Mike, I understand that your time and experience is valuable and that the internet is most likely not the best place to delve really deep into FITS/SBT/LCG programs at the CFI level but how about wading in a little for the prospective student who is interested in choosing a flight school? What would the first lesson truly be like in a SBT program as opposed to a MBT program? Will it really help me be a better pilot?I've traveled around the country to check out a few different schools and was considering checking out Heli-Ops. I guess I could ask them these questions directly but having the info on the forum directly from the source could help others in making a valid comparison of schools/methods/costs, etc. Eric
  11. Here is an interesting article on SBT which I believe was written by Mikemv ... please correct me if I'm wrong... http://www.justhelicopters.com/HELIARTICLES/tabid/433/ID/5199/Colorado-Heli-Ops-Scenario-Based-Training-A-New-Breed-of-Training.aspx
  12. Really cool flight and way to go on scenario-based training. How did you like flying into Big Bear? How did the R44 hold up? Assuming it was a Raven II. Also great idea on the Garmin watch as a flight log/GPS tracking device. Whatever you decide from what I hear you can't go wrong at Civiv.
  13. What are you paying for 206 time vs. the R22/S300? Why not invest the difference in cost into more hours of flying? And I don't mean local flying around the pattern type hours. Plan and execute XC's and other adventures. Wouldn't the experience that you gain flying into new airspace and airports increase your confidence, abilities and marketability?
  14. If you're a person of "faith" there are various faith specific health care sharing pools available. This one: http://mychristiancare.org/medi-share/ has been around since 1993 so they must be doing something right. While I am not religious the whole idea of shared pools as an alternative to traditional for profit insurance companies seems like a very interesting one.
  15. Look at it his way, you didn't throw up, so definitely give it another try. For what it's worth I did a 1-hour demo flight in an S300 and a 1-hour demo in the R44. I felt the R44 was way more sensitive than the S300. Even taking into account the hydraulics of the R44 I had to wonder if the the S300 instructor left my friction controls cranked down or something as the difference to me was striking. I think the biggest thing to staying relaxed is breath control. Do you meditate at all? I used to have a real bad habit of breathing incredibly shallow or not at all when I had a lot of tasks to perform at once. A few weeks of practicing meditation helped reprogram a more natural breathing pattern. Also, try to keep your eyes always looking out of the aircraft. Early on I think it's easy to get caught up staring at the instruments when the world is really right in front of you. Good luck
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