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  1. Well than, i need to find a woman like you or come to where you are and take lessons. Didn't mean to offend anyone, just girl problems.
  2. I weigh about 160 and stand at 5'8"-5'9". My father is shorter and is a twig and weighs probably 140-150
  3. I have finally decided girls get in the way of everything and slow me down. So, I have decided this upcoming paycheck I'm going to take a discovery flight in a helicopter. I've already had a discovery flight at Airlake in Lakeville, MN in a fixed wing. I know there is a lot of pilots here from Minnesota so I need some help on where to go and some experiences and suggestions. I live in Rogers, MN. The one by Maple Grove. The closest school I see is Complete Helicopters and Hummingbird Aviation. I've visited Hummingbird and talked to a CFI there about flying in one of the Schweizer helos and he gave me a tour of the whole place and showed me all the planes. They seemed like very nice people there. You guys think I should maybe get a FW-PPL then get a rotary add-on later on? I'm trying to make a flying career whether it be a CFI some day or anything else out there that I can't think of this early in the morning. I just want some input from you guys so I can get the best bang for my buck. Thanks! Patrick P.S. Thought I'd share a little snippet of my first flight ever. It's a picture of Buck Hill. Also, I want to take my father up with me so I can share my passion of flying with him. I'm pretty sure the Schweizer won't provide enough seating, but something else to consider also. Thanks!
  4. I want to go this route because I want to learn more about the actual aircraft and work around them and also get references and talk with the pilot themselves. I also don't have any money to go any other route. I come from a family that is all military besides my parents. My brother is a marine, my sister was army national guard and my brother in law is in the army national guard. I'm not saying Army is the only way. But I see it as a life long experience and know that it will teach me what I can use throughout my whole life. Also, if I can't make it to flight training,(not having doubts) but it would give me the experience of working on aircrafts for maybe the civilian jobs. I know my number goal is to fly, but I know that I will love anything I do as long as I work around airplanes or helos. The only downfall to this is ending up in the sandbox.
  5. Thanks for clearing some things up guys! I do have a semester of college but that didn't go so well as I was young and really still into partying. I take it you have to be accepted to WOFT before you take the Basic - WOCS - Flight School? Should I start compiling a packet? Do I wait til after basic to do so? I was thinking of testing high enough and doing all the tests, get in enlisted with a MOS UH-60 repairer 15T and gaining references and LORs while serving. I'm sorry if none of this makes sense. I don't know the lingo as much as I'm still learning. I'm just trying to find a route that fits best for me and I thought I'd ask you guys. I have more in mind and I would like to chat either via PM or Facebook? I just don't want to put my personal business all out on this forum for the world to see if you guys catch my drift.
  6. Thanks for all the info lindsey. Just trying to figure out how others have done it without going to college beforehand and being enlisted and working their way up.
  7. Can i join the minnesotans to?!?! i'm located in rogers right off 101 and 94. I would like to meet and network with some people and learn more about flying helos. I'm a 22 year old aspiring pilot. Wanted to fly since i first layed my eyes on an airplane at age 5 or so. After my father purchased my first flight simulator which was 98, it's been growing passion and I've finally taken my first discovery flight at airlake in lakeville last year.
  8. I'm thinking about joining the army and going the WOFT route. Can anybody tell me how to go about this route and what I should do. I see it as I would need to pick a MOS and I would choose one in relation to aviation say a mechanic or something similar. I mean, does it go from Enlist - BCT - AIT - WOCS - Flight school?
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